Tire Tools

Spare Tire Locks

It is definitely important to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions with regards to your vehicle so you can be sure that it is safe at all times when parked in front of your home. There are many different anti-theft measures you can take, but a spare tire lock is certainly one […]

Electric Tire Inflator

Anyone who owns a vehicle will have to deal with a flat tire more than once their life time. Being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire from a nail or other objects can ruin anyone’s day. And sometimes when the owner is replacing their flat tire with a spare, they […]

Portable Tire Compressor

Getting a flat tire can happen to anybody at any time. If you have a portable tire compressor you can solve the problem almost instantly. There is no need to get your spare tire and Jack out in most circumstances. All you have to do nowadays is get your portable tire compressor out and put […]

Tire Bead Breaker

Many people these days are looking for ways to be more economical. They like to try to do most things themselves and coming across the need to change their car or motorcycle tires is no exception to their need to save money. If your old tires are worn and you are in need of new […]

Tire Pressure Monitors

If you have a car, or any other kind of vehicle that works on pneumatic tires, then you will have probably heard of tire pressure monitoring. A tire pressure monitor is an electronic device that measures the air inside the tires. They can be used with cars, aeroplane tires, forklifts and anything else that uses […]

Electric Car Jack

For many years changing a flat tire consisted of dragging a jack out of the trunk, manually raising the car and then replacing the tire. Today, an electric car jack can cut the work of changing a tire in half. An electric car jack is a device that is designed to work with your car’s […]

Wheel Simulator

For those who want the stylish look of rims without the cost, consider wheel simulators. Sparing you the cost of aluminum or chrome, these accessories are easy to install and are great for your dually truck or van. The first thing you will want to consider is whether or not you will need to remove […]

Wheel Balancers

Getting four new tires for your car may take a bit of bite out of your wallet, but it would be a worthy investment. However, if you do not want your car to rock and rumble on the road on its new tires, you really should partake in a bit of wheel balancing. Every time […]

Tire Pyrometer

In order to understand how a tire pyrometer can be used, you first need to understand exactly what it is that a pyrometer does. This is either an infrared or probe device that is used to accurately measure temperatures on surfaces that can sometimes be difficult to get an accurate reading from. When you are […]

Tire Air Compressor

A car tire air compressor is designed to fully inflate your car tires to their required pressure. This pressure can vary depending on purpose and tire design, however it generally hovers within a relatively specific region for each different type of tire size and construction. Available in a variety of different sizes, strengths, and types, […]

Tire Changer

Changing a tire can be a difficult and strenuous task without the right tools and technique. A tire changer is a device that helps remove an old tire from the wheel rim, and also helps with putting a new tire on it. The three main types of tire changer are the mini, manual, and automatic. […]

Digital Tire Gauge

There are many must have tools that you should keep in the automobile tool box, and a digital tire gauge is one that you should make sure that you have. The digital tire gauge is an easy to use and read device that will tell you the amount of pressure that is in your tires. […]

Tire Inflator

Tires must be kept at the right pressure to function properly. Under-inflated tires are dangerous because they reduce car handling, especially in wet conditions. They also cost more to run because they lower fuel efficiency, and have a reduced life due to abnormal wear. There are a surprising number of products available for the simple […]

Tire Repair Tools

Repairing a tire can be an exhausting job but it doesn't have to be. There is a large range of tire repair tools available to help reduce the workload. Tire sealant cans can make a flat tire usable for a short distance. Plug kits can fix small punctures without needing to remove the tire. Wheel […]