Torque Converter

Torque Converter

In the world of motoring – both for personal transportation and for sport – there's a slight fear of the unknown. It's particularly common amongst casual drivers, and especially those that understand just the basics of engineering. If a car's broken, it's broken, and it needs repairs. That is their level of car maintenance and […]

Torque Converter Clutch

There are so many different car parts involved in keeping our vehicle working. The design of a vehicle is quite complex and many people are not familiar with how each car part works. Honestly, you could drive a vehicle for years before something goes wrong and then once something breaks down you are forced to […]

Torque Limiter

A torque limiter's main purpose is to protect mechanical devices from becoming overloaded during use. A torque limiter does this by simply limiting the torque which is exerted when carrying a load. The torque limiter is useful when it limits damage resulting from crash stops and jams. There are various packaging forms of a torque […]

Torque Converter Stator

The torque converter is a special part that is designed to increase the mechanical power of the engine when used. It is designed with several parts and is a closed system which can be one of two modes. A locked and a non-locking torque converter option are possible and can be used in different vehicles. […]

Diesel Torque Converters

The torque converter is the main difference between manual and automatic transmissions. In manual transmissions, the engine is connected to the transmission by the clutch. The clutch allows the engine to stop running without being destroyed. In automatic transmissions, the torque converter replaces the clutch. Torque converters essentially look like detailed metal wheels with ridges […]

Common Problems with a Torque Converter

A torque converter is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, which would be your gasoline engine, to a rotating driven loan. The torque converter simply takes the place of a mechanical clutch, which then allows for the loan to be divided from the power source. The beneficial part of a torque converter […]