Transmission Parts

Transmission Valve Body

In the transmission of most vehicles there is a hydraulic system which uses specialized fluid which is sent by an oil pump through the actual valve body so it can be used by the bands and the clutches to control all of the gear sets. It is indeed a complex process and before you go […]

Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are sometimes seen in cars with a semi-automatic transmission which is able to change gears semi-automatically, allowing the driver to do the rest of the work with the levers which are located on either side of the steering wheel. Since street racing has become so popular with certain make and model cars, these […]

Rear End Gears

Rear end gears have more to do with the performance, speed, and efficiency of an individual automobile than does most every other piece in a car’s drivetrain. The rear end gear, more specifically the rear end gear ratio, determines how much of the engines torque is delivered to the wheels, and the potential top speed […]

Transbrake Button

The invention of the transbrake button has greatly changed the face of drag racing as we know it today. Normally a race car driver shifts their car by engaging the shifter that is located inside the car. But in drag racing, revving up the RPM’s and getting ready for taking off while using the clutch […]

Differential Spider Gears

A car’s differential is an integral part in converting the power of the engine to actual car function and movement. In essence, the job of the differential is to take the power that has already been put into moving the gears in the transmission, and use it to help move the car’s actual wheels. The […]

Transmission Cooler

Transportation has been an issue since the beginning time. People needed to go places, either for work or simple going around for fun. It started off with walking, then moved on to using animals to pull a cart or themselves. Till it came to the modern time and the usage of motor vehicles have increased […]

Universal Joint Kits

Before we come about to knowing a universal joint kit it is important to know its key purpose. A universal joint kit is the key component of the universal joint, without it the universal joint would not be a joint let alone serve its purpose. It is also known as a cross piece regarding to […]

Automotive Universal Joint

Universal joints, otherwise known as U-Joints, are bendable mechanical devices used to connect two shafts which are not aligned with one another. Through this connection, the rotational movement of one shaft can be transferred to the other shaft. For an example in automotive use, a Universal Joint may be used to in a vehicle’s transmission […]

Transmission Filter

Unfortunately, many people forget to change out their transmission filter when they are performing routine maintenance on their vehicle. It is not a complicated process and it can help your transmission last for many years. When your transmission filter becomes dirty or clogged, it can cause a number of problems with the shifting of your […]

Transmission Rebuild Kits

Every vehicle has a transmission. It may be an automatic transmission or a manual transmission but either way they keep the car driving and are responsible for the changing of gears. The transmission works with the engine to send power to the wheels. The transmission runs on RPM's which means revolutions per minute. When the […]

Transfer Case Parts

A transfer case is a gear box that is connected to the transmission on four-wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. It is also sometimes referred to as a "transfer gear case" or "transfer box." The transfer case on four-wheel drive vehicles is what transfers the power to either the front axle or the rear […]

Rear Transmission Seal

If there is one word that most people do not want to hear on a trip to the mechanic, that word is "transmission." We rely on our cars from everything from getting to work to getting the groceries and when that car is down for the count, as it often is when there is transmission […]

Automatic Transmission Clutch

Many people choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission because they are much simpler to drive. The automatic transmission is one of the most complicated pieces of engineering in your vehicle and it essentially performs all of the work that you would have to do on your own with a manual transmission. This highly technical […]


Any time you are speaking of the transaxle in the automotive field, you are talking about a major mechanical part that affects how the transmission, the differential and the axle are integrated together. Transaxles are in cars that have the engine and drive wheels at the same end of the car. For instance, front engines […]

Drive Shaft Parts

There are many parts in the drive train that transmit torque from the engine to the wheels. These include the clutch, transmission, drive shaft and the differential. The role of the drive shaft is to transmit torque while allowing for movement of the differential. The two main drive shaft parts are the slip yoke and […]

Honda ATF Fluid

Maintaining your automatic transmission is as simple as making sure you have enough fluid in your vehicle and that it is regularly changed to avoid fluid breakdown. Your transmission should be a part of your overall vehicle maintenance and will help avoid the costly repairs that come with a transmission failure. Most of the work […]

Clutch Disc

The transmission on your vehicle is a vital part of the functioning of it. The clutch disc is a part of the transmission that cannot be ignored and must be replaced in the event that it wears out. A mechanic that specializes in transmissions is your best resource for finding the right parts for your […]

Transmission Vacuum Modulator

Making your own repairs at home is a great way to save some money in your transportation budget. Many people have discovered that small repairs and engine maintenance can be easily handled at home, and by someone with a little basic knowledge of car repair. One of the main concerns that you will have to […]

Manual Transmission Fluid

All of the fluids contained in your vehicle are important, but one of the most costly mistakes that a car owner can make is not keeping track of their manual transmission fluid. The transmission in your vehicle can be damaged if there is not enough fluid in the car and if you have ever priced […]

Transmission Oil Cooler

Transmissions can generate a great deal of heat when they are being used under normal conditions. They will also generate even more heat when they are used under extreme conditions such as towing or stop and go traffic. As the transmission goes through its gears, the fluid that it is using to lubricate is constantly […]

Transfer Case Doubler

Many people who off road and go trail riding are always looking for better trail performance. Many seek out the better trail performance with lower gears so they modify their transmission and their differentials. If they are still looking for lower gears to slow things down and get more control as they go over large […]

Common Problems with a Torque Converter

A torque converter is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, which would be your gasoline engine, to a rotating driven loan. The torque converter simply takes the place of a mechanical clutch, which then allows for the loan to be divided from the power source. The beneficial part of a torque converter […]