Diverter Valve

Any time your vehicle is accelerating the throttle will be open. When the throttle is open there will be an open pathway for air to travel to your engine. In this pathway there will be turbo which utilizes compressed air that is forced into the vehicle's engine once it reaches a specific pressure. After you […]

Modulator Valve

When it comes to ensuring the performance and long-lasting life of a vehicle, the main focuses of any vehicle owner or mechanic should be the engine, drivetrain, and transmission. Each of these crucial vehicle parts contain various components within them that contribute to the overall functioning of the automobile. An important part of the transmission […]

4-Seasons Heater Valves

When driving your vehicle, it is important that you are in total control. There are many switches, levers and knobs that make up the various systems and components of your car. When these components are working and functioning properly you can enjoy their uses. The heater function is one of these systems that we definitely […]

Cold Start Valve

The cold start valve – it is otherwise known as the fifth injector. It is also known as the heat riser channel. It is essentially a variety of control valve that can be found snuggled in the crook between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. However this applies to any typically unaltered V8 or […]

Vacuum Switching Valve

Today’s automobiles are essentially all run by computer. This can be a very useful way to run a car. Computers can help technicians diagnose problems in a car. They can also help make sure that the car is running at peak performance. They can even let the driver know just exactly how many miles per […]

Radiator Thermostat Valves

During the life of most cars, there is no reason to really think about your radiator temperature. We might wait for the thermometer to go up so that we can turn on the heat, but that’s about it. It stays at the same value whenever you’re driving, and problems with radiator temperatures are rare enough […]

Vacuum Gate Valves

Vacuum gate valves have a huge variety of uses in modern appliances. Indeed, vacuum in general is a force that is used for a number of reasons. Beyond the obvious vacuum cleaner, vacuum is also used as a power source for a number of powerful appliances, such as car engines. Gasoline engines naturally create a […]

Exhaust Valve

An exhaust valve is a valve on a cylinder in the internal combustion engine. This is the valve that opens up and releases burned fuel into the exhaust manifold. The exhaust valve is mechanical and sometimes is referred to as a ‘poppet valve’. An intake valve can also be called a poppet valve. The exhaust […]

Blow off Valves

Arguably the most popular item when it comes to racing is the turbocharger. Usually just referred to as turbo, it’s an essential part when it comes to car performance, and it’s one that power without adding much weight at all to the car. That means that adding a turbo provides almost a pure speed increase. […]

EGR Valve

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a vital component in your vehicle’s exhaust circulation system. Without a working EGR valve your vehicle won’t perform up to par and can cause engine problems. This is a part which has been incorporated into vehicles for nearly half a century (originally to minimize pollution) and is basically […]

Blow Off Valve

The blow off valve is an important part of any working turbocharged engine. The blowoff valve works as a pressure release system which is responsible for stopping a compressor surge from occurring and minimizing the amount of wear that the engine receives from heavy usage. The blow off is also referred to as the hooter […]

Thermostatic Radiator Valve

If you drive a vehicle that has a radiator then you will have a thermostatic radiator valve. This is the same thing as a radiator thermostat which it is often referred to as. The thermostatic radiator valve is a small device that is located between the radiator and the engine and tells the radiator when […]

Canister Purge Valve

The purpose of the canister purge valve is to allow the fuel in the gas tank to mix with the available air before being purged into the intake manifold. This allows the fuel and air mixture to be correct and allows the vehicle to run correctly. There are little things you could do to ensure […]

Spark Delay Valve

The spark delay valve is also known as a vacuum delay valve. The function of this particular car part is to delay the vacuum to the vacuum advance unit when rapid acceleration is needed. This happens anytime the car is in idle or during acceleration occurring at any speed under 15 miles per hour. It […]

Air Check Valves

Many people have heard of hydraulics and their ability to alter the state of the vehicle by giving it extended height and several fancy tricks that are not normally possible by vehicles. One of the important parts of the system is an air check valve that only allows certain functions of the system occur if […]

Heat Riser Valve

Many people take their vehicle for granted by not knowing the inner workings of their vehicle. Several of the specialized parts that are designed to do a specific job can always malfunction, or simply stick when they are not supposed to due to several different factors. One of the small but important parts that rest […]

Idle Air Control Valve

For many car owners, all we ask of our vehicles is that they get us from point A to point B. We do not ask for incredible speeds, head turning good looks, or an engine loud enough that it's revving can be heard in the next county over. No, for most car owners, the car […]

Air Check Valve

An air check valve is a part for your secondary exhaust system that prevents your car from experiencing damaging by reducing harmful emissions in your car. A car's air check valve feeds exhaust gases into exhaust popes to keep the engine clean and the car clear of damage. Unburned fuel in the form of hydrocarbons […]

Engine Valve Adjustment

Most internal combustion engines use poppet valves and rocker arms to control the flow of gases to and from the cylinders. To reduce the effects of thermal expansion, a small gap is left between the end of each valve stem and the rocker arm that pushes it. This gap will change slightly with engine usage […]

EGR Valve

The EGR valve is one of those things that many people are sure that they know how to clean, but knowing how to clean EGR valve correctly is important. If you clean the valve in the wrong manner you may find that you take away from is efficiency or effectiveness. Proper cleaning of the EGR […]

Valve Cover Gasket

You have probably heard of a valve cover gasket, but do you know what it is or why they commonly leak? It's true, the valve cover gaskets do leak quite often in any cars with more than 30,000 to 50,000 miles on them. Actually, most cars do not leak from this area of the engine, […]