Tail Lamp

The tail lamp is an important light on your vehicle. The light is typically located at the rear end of your vehicle. The tail lamp is a safety feature that can help prevent an accident from occurring. The tail lamp is an indicator light and it works to notify the driver behind your vehicle of what you're doing.

The tail lamp will indicate when two different actions are made. If you apply pressure to your brakes, the driver behind you will be able to know that has been done. Also, if you are making a turn, the tail lamp will signal whether you're going left or right.

Tail Light Malfunctions
It's essential to always have properly working tail lights. If there's ever a malfunction in the lights, it could easily lead to an auto accident. The main issue with malfunctioning tail lights would be that there's a miscommunication between you and the driver behind you. If the tail lamp isn’t providing the correct information to the vehicle behind you, they may not know when you're slowing down.

If there's ever an emergency situation where you need to apply the brakes, the person behind you probably can't see the accident as your vehicle is in the way. The vehicle behind you will put on the brakes when he sees you have put yours on. If your tail lamp isn't displaying this information, you could very well cause a serious accident.

Replacing Tail Lamps
Just like any other type of light, the tail lamp will burn out over time. The tail lamp isn't something that you would check regularly to make sure it’s working, so it could go unnoticed for a while. You may think that your signals are working properly, but that may not be the case. You will have to make sure the tail lamp is replaced as soon as you notice that it’s no longer working properly.

When buying a new tail lamp you will have a variety of options. You don't need to spend a lot of money to purchase or install one, but it’s important to know what your choices are. It’s strongly recommended to invest in an OEM tail lamp, but you always have the option to pick an aftermarket tail lamp instead.

OEM Tail Lamp
OEM auto parts are supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. The tail lamps provided by the OEM will be customized to fit your vehicle perfectly. Some are designed to match your vehicle’s color but others may just be stock parts. If you’re attempting to preserve the value of your vehicle as much as possible, it’s best to go with OEM tail lights.

Aftermarket Tail Lamp
These lights aren’t manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer and are just a cheap alternative. Aftermarket tail lamps are still designed to add to the look of your vehicle, but they aren't the best option. If you’re looking to repair your tail lights on a budget, you should go with aftermarket tail lights.

LED Tail Lamp
This is another alternative but is not as common as just a replacement part, but rather as an upgrade or swap for the original tail lights. There has been a growing popularity in LED tail lamps as they add more interest to the appearance of your vehicles tail lights.

The LED tail lamp is only regularly found in high performance vehicles, and those with an expensive price tag, such as the Lamborghini Murcielogo, or Mazda RX-7. The main downfall about the LED tail lamp is the expensive price tag, but with lower power consumption and quicker reaction times, it definitely makes up for the cost.

There are many options when it comes to replacing a tail lamp or upgrading it. Your decision on what type of tail light to purchase should be dependent on whether you’re looking to replace the part or you want to upgrade it. While you can buy an OEM tail lamp or aftermarket tail lamp if you’re just looking for a simple replacement, you should definitely consider LED tail lights if you own a high performance vehicle.

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