Tailgate Light Bars

The tailgate light bar is a great accessory for those who own trucks. These sharp looking add-ons come in many different colors and shapes and are specifically made for certain models of trucks. Fitted neatly below the tailgate, you can hardly tell they are there unless the lights are on. Tailgate light bars are used for brake lights, reverse lights and even turn signals. These functions greatly enhance the driver’s ability to display intensions and provide extra added safety when driving. Visibility is greatly increased to other drivers which are something all drivers want when driving in heavy traffic. The reverse lights add a great amount of visibility at night when backing up, allowing the driving to see everything more clearly behind them. The brake lights of the tailgate light bar work extremely well in alerting following drivers and can greatly reduce rear end collisions. This is because of the position of the tailgate light bar which stretches across the entire rear of the truck. The turn signals flash brilliantly with the existing stock turn signals.

Tailgate light bars use long lasting LED bulbs that are extra bright and never need to be replaced. The LED bulbs offer quicker response when a driver brakes or uses their turn signals. There are many different styles of tailgate light bars and most are made with waterproof construction material. A new tailgate lightbar is easily installed and most need absolutely no drilling at all to complete installation. Most are installed by using self sticking adhesive tape that is included in the package. These bars are easily wired into the existing lights either through the light connectors or hand wired. The tailgate light bar usually is designed to have a built in replaceable fuse system to prevent damage during a power surge.

You can find a universal tailgate light bar for trucks and SUV’s. In addition to turn signals, brake lights and reverse lights most have running lights, parking lights, and hazard lights as well. The mounting position of tailgate light bar should still allow the full use of the tailgate without any interference. For SUV’s, the tailgate light bar is mounted directly under the back door. The strong 3-M adhesive tape makes installation easy and does not interfere with any working parts on the tailgate. The low power draw anti-collision high-intensity LED’s makes them last a very long time so you can get the most use for your money. Tailgate light bars are SAE and DOT approved for street use and are fully street legal. They are also approved by the national highway traffic safety administration. Only legal colors are used for brake lights, reverse lights, turn signals, running lights and parking lights.

Tailgate light bars come in either one piece for easy installation or those that are 3 smaller pieces. Each is specifically made for all models of trucks and SUV’s. Installation usually only takes a few minutes because of the easy 3M tape. On some models mounting screws may be required and if so they are usually included. Tailgate light bars can be used with a tow and hitch package. Usually no hand wiring is needed if you buy a hitch package. Wiring is made easy with color-coded instructions. A tailgate light bar will add the much sought after big truck look to your truck or SUV. Adding one to yours will get you lots of attention. These custom fit tailgate light bars add a great amount of safety and stylish looks and can be found online at great prices. They are very affordable, long lasting and weather proof. When added you’ll get an extra amount of security to you as a driver which can be especially important if you have kids onboard as well.

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