Tesla Electric Car

With the concern over the rising cost of gasoline and the nation's dependence on foreign oil, more and more people are looking for alternative means of travel in today's market. One way to accomplish this is the electric car; however, these have not been very reliable in the past and people are concerned about performance issues and such. This is not the case with the Tesla electric car as it has been designed and restructured to be a thing of beauty and to run at peak levels without draining too much of the power or taking away from the performance of the car. This is why the Tesla electric car appears to be at the front of a global movement to go toward something that is removed from gasoline consumption.

Those who have been working on the Tesla electric car have made sure that it is a shining example of what electric cars should be. In fact, they have created an engine for their roadster that allows it to use the optimum levels of torque at all times so that you are able to get high performance levels no matter what your rpms are. The manufacturers of the Tesla electric car claim that this is even better than a gasoline automobile because of the fact that it can only reach a comparable level of torque in a very narrow bandwidth. This means that the Tesla electric car is delivering high performance levels at every moment that you are in the car.

Plus, if you are worried that the design of an electric car may not fit your lifestyle, then be prepared to be amazed at the wonderful contours and beauty of the Tesla electric car. In the past electric cars did not seem to be up to the same design standards as other automobiles. They were either too clunky or too futuristic in scope. However, by comparison, the Tesla electric car appears to be a top of the line roadster that could very easily have been driven off of the showroom floor of a high end traditional automobile manufacturer. This works to prove that you are not losing any of the beauty, style and design that you would seek in a gasoline run automobile.

Another reason that people have been afraid of buying an electric car is the fact that you can generally only get about one hundred miles of use out of a single charge. With the Tesla electric car, this is not the case. In fact, you can get up to two hundred and twenty miles on a single charge without having to worry about finding a plug in. This alone is a liberating fact that frees you to be able to explore without having to worry about consuming large amounts of gasoline or running out of a charge.

While the Tesla electric car does still rely on electricity that is often powered by fossil fuels, the fact of the matter is that the world is changing, and before too long these traditional power sources will be outdated. For the Tesla electric car it doesn't matter if it gets its power from solar energy or coal, hydro or wind turbines. So, when the globe does finally manage to make the traditional to a more renewable power source, the Tesla electric car will still be able to function within its parameters. This means that you don't ever have to worry about the energy source for your electric car becoming outdated. This is not true with hybrid cars as eventually the world is likely to move away from any form of gasoline fueled vehicles altogether; however, they are never going to be without their electricity power, so you will not have to worry with the Tesla electric car. As long as you have running lights, the power will still be there for your vehicle.

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