Thermagasket is a product produced by RX Auto. Thermagasket is a potion that claims to be able to repair cracked or breached head gaskets, a cracked head or cracked block. Cracked head gaskets, like many automobile malfunctions, can be a huge problem. The head gasket's job is to seal oil ports, cooling ports and the cylinder compression chambers where the head is mounted onto the car's engine block. When a head gasket is blown, the car can suffer from oil loss, coolant loss and loss of engine power due to lost cylinder compression.

As with many automotive problems, these problems can then compound, leading to even more trouble. For example, it can cause coolant in the oil. This will show up as a white, frothy goo under the head gasket. This substance sometimes has the look and consistency of a milkshake and can be viewed under the oil fill cap. Another possible problem is oil in the coolant. If there is oil in a car’s coolant, it will turn brown and appear slick like oil. A leaky radiator might also occur. This could result when cylinder pressure is bleeding into the cooling loop, and will often follow coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. Worse problems include cracked or warped heads or blown gaskets. Either way, most automotive experts recommend replacing the gasket.

According to Thermagasket's website, cracked head gaskets are a major problem because when they occur a "hot spot" appears at the site of the crack. Because these cracks can reach temperatures exceeding the engine's normal temperature by 3 or 4 times the normal engine temperature, this situation can be very dangerous. Thermagasket claims to be able to fix the cracked head gasket by forming a “perfect high-temperature seal “as soon as it comes into contact is made with the crack or breach.

People interested in investing in Thermagasket as a fix for cracked head gaskets may wonder what will keep the patch for rupturing again. According to the website, once Thermagasket has worked its magic, it also works to keep the heat from nearing the patch and causing the problem all over again. The website also offers a guarantee that the product will be able to withstand an internal combustion engine's extreme heat and its pressure fluctuations. According to the website, the process is guaranteed to work nine out of ten times, an impressive claim.

The plus side of a solution like Thermagasket is that it costs around 100 dollars. On the other hand, fixing the problem mechanically can cost up to 1,000 dollars or even more depending on the mechanic you choose to handle the problem. Also, if you happen to be one of the 1 out of 10 cases in which Thermagasket does not work, the company that produces the solution offers a money back guarantee (apparently minus incidental costs like taxes and shipping costs, which is fairly standard procedure for refunds over the internet.) On the other hand, some users have reported on the internet that the money back guarantee comes with several conditions, including only working if the car has to have a certain monetary amount of repairs or has to be scrapped altogether.

These conflicting reports seem to suggest a tried and true fact – people preparing to buy solutions like Thermagasket should always do their research on the internet first, especially if the solution has not been around long. Whether or not Thermagasket actually works to seal cracked head gaskets (and reports vary from positive to negative), it is advisable for the buyer to beware and get all the facts before handing over his or her hard earned money.

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