Tilt Steering Column

A tilt steering column is also known as an adjustable steering wheel. The tilt steering column was first manufactured by General Motors in 1963. When it first came out on the market it had seven adjustable positions. These adjustable steering wheels used to be a luxury item on automobiles, but now they are installed in almost every automobile sold on the market today.

A tilt steering column enables the driver to sit comfortably in the driver's seat as they are driving. Long road trips are a lot more comfortable to take when you have a tilt steering wheel so that you can adjust the height of the wheel to different positions to release stress on your arms from being held in the same position for a long time. Adjustable steering wheels are also useful when getting in and out of the car because you can lift it up to give you more room to get out of your seat comfortably. You do not feel pinned down to the seat when you have a tilt steering column.

You can adjust the position on a tilt steering column by moving the wheel through an arc in an up and down motion. The way that you do this is by disengaging a ratchet lock on the steering column. There is usually a little lever that you push on the steering column to disengage it and then release the lever when you have the steering wheel in that exact position that you want it to be in. Some tilt steering columns allow more movement than others. Some tilt steering columns allow for just the angle of the steering wheel to be adjusted, while there is no change in the height of the steering wheel.

A lot of the older classic cars were never manufactured with tilt steering columns installed in them. When they were first for sale straight out of factory they had fixed steering columns. People who love these older cars usually like to install a tilt steering column in their cars so they can enjoy the benefit of having an adjustable steering wheel too. Actually, a tilt steering column is safer than a fixed steering column because if there is an accident the column will collapse at the joints and it is less likely to impale the driver.

There are many aftermarket tilt steering columns for sale for older classic cars and trucks. These can be installed by the owner themselves. An aftermarket tilt steering column is sometimes even better then a factory built tilt steering column because they are like brand-new and do not have a lot of slop and wear in them.

The individual who likes to work on his own car can find a tilt steering column kit for sale on the internet or in automobile stores. Installing an adjustable steering wheel with one of these steering column kits can make your classic car a lot more comfortable to drive. There is a company by the name of Classic Performance that specializes in selling a bolt in tilt steering column for classic cars. The Classic Performance Company sells ididit products. Many backyard mechanics purchase classic car products from this company and install the new parts themselves.

If you have an old classic Chevy you can find a tilt steering column from the ididit product line. They have several different types of tilt steering columns. So if you have a classic Nova, Chevelle, Impala or any other Chevy model you will have no problem finding an aftermarket tilt steering column. Of course there are aftermarket tilt steering columns for all the other classic makes and models. You can do a quick Google search on the internet to find out where you can purchase a tilt steering column at a reasonable price.

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