Tire Bead Breaker

Many people these days are looking for ways to be more economical. They like to try to do most things themselves and coming across the need to change their car or motorcycle tires is no exception to their need to save money. If your old tires are worn and you are in need of new ones, you are more than likely looking for ways to cut down the expense also. Maybe you have decided to change your old tires yourself. If you have never done this task before, you know that it is to break the bead from the rim on your old tires. For this reason, most people take their wheels in to a professional to have their old tires broken down and new tires put on for them. However, with a tire bead breaker you can easily do the job yourself and save a lot of money in the process. Purchasing a tire bead breaker may be expensive, but it can pay for itself over time.

People who own motorcycles can gain the most benefit from a tire bead breaker since they have to change tires more often than car or truck owners. ATV owners can get a lot of benefit from a tire bead breaker also. If you have small tires on wagons, wheel barrels or bicycles, you will find that a tire bead breaker can be very useful for the do-it-yourselfer.

A tire bead breaker is a tool that is used to separate the tire from the rim. Every tire has a ring inside called the lip. There is a bead on the lip that seals the tire to the rim by trapping air inside as the air compressor fills the tire with air. After time, rust may develop on the rim that can cause the bead to become frozen to it. This makes it impossible to break the bead without some sort of tool to help. When this happens, a tire bead breaker is just the tool needed to break it lose.

You can find a tire bead breaker at your local auto parts store or at various online shops that specialize in tires, tire repair and accessory tools. Harbor Freight is one example of such an online shop and you can also find one of their retail outlets in most cities. Some tire bead breakers are very expensive and complicated to use. Many people have made their own tire bead breaker and are able to use it successfully. Still others will give up and end up in frustration after trying unsuccessfully to break the bead because they do not know how to use the tool. At this point, they will take the tire and wheel to a tire service store to get them replaced. Make sure you know exactly how the tire breaker works before you purchase it. An educated sales person can help you if you are having trouble understanding how to properly use a tire bead breaker.

If you have learned how to use the tire bead breaker correctly, you will know when you have been successful at breaking the bead by the pop sound that you will hear. When changing tires, you will need to break the bead on both sides of the wheel.

After the bead is broken the actual tire removal will still be a little difficult. It can be made easier if you use silicone spray lubricant all around the tire beads. After that, a few tire irons are strategically placed around the rim to get the tire off. Most times, more than one tire iron will be needed to accomplish the task of removing the tire off of the rim as a single tire iron will not be sufficient.

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