Torque Converter Stator

The torque converter is a special part that is designed to increase the mechanical power of the engine when used. It is designed with several parts and is a closed system which can be one of two modes. A locked and a non-locking torque converter option are possible and can be used in different vehicles. These torque converters are locking or non-locking because of a single part, the stator. The torque converter stator is used to redirect the fluid within the torque converter and makes the multiplication of engine strength go up depending on the direction that the stator rod is moving in. These options can increase the power of the engine by significant amounts and can allow the vehicle to perform better when in use.

The torque converter stator can be locking to only increase the torque power of the engine in a single direction. This helps to properly direct the torque conversion to power to get the vehicle working harder. Locking options are nearly impossible to service and many of the methods available to service a non-locking torque converter stator would cause damages which could lead to even more extensive and expensive damages in the vehicle. When something goes wrong with a locking torque converter stator, it is recommended that the entire torque conversion system is replaced with a more efficient option or simply with any available stock options which may be available from a manufacturer of the part. Prevention of grime and debris build up in the system can help extend its life.

Non-locking torque converter stators may be serviceable through the use of special tools to remove the part and solutions meant to clean out debris from the part. Improper cleaning and service can cause damages which could lead to more severe problems in the future. It is important to look into the various options which may be available to you when servicing a non-locking torque converter stator. In severe cases, it is still recommended that a full replacement of the torque converter system is made to ensure that the system runs correctly and reduces the chances that a problem will occur in the future for the vehicle owner.

Finding the torque converter part you need can be done online for replacements as well as expert step by step instructions for dealing with serviceable equipment. Replacements are the only real option which will help to prevent wear and tear on the vehicle which could eventually make the vehicle stop working and damage larger equipment such as the motor, drive shaft or other components of the engine system. Making sure to find the compatible option for your vehicle is one of the most important things which can really prevent problems. Finding the exact part number as well as other information that could help you in choosing the correct option can be done through the manufacturer of your vehicle or looking into a bluebook and repair manual for your specific vehicle.

The internet is also a great place to locate specialized service operators and professionals which can do everything for you regarding your torque converter and any of its components such as the stator. Simple diagnostic tools and procedures can also be found online and it only takes a few minutes to get the information you need. Sometimes the proper options for your torque converter stator are very easily obtainable while others may take special ordering through specialty retailers. Never forget to choose higher quality options because the lower quality options will not last you nearly as long as you may still own the vehicle.

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