Transfer Case Oil

Owners of four wheel drive vehicles will have another maintenance routine to add to their oil changes and tune ups and this is checking the transfer case oil. The transfer case on a four wheel drive vehicle provides the lubrication for the four wheel drive function on the vehicle. The fluid will only have to be checked every thirty thousand miles or so and replaced after sixty thousand miles. If you do a lot of four wheel drive activities, or use your vehicle to tow, you might have to check more often. The transfer case is bolted onto the back of the transmission where it can be accessed for fluid changes.

First, jack up your vehicle so that you can easily maneuver under the truck to get at the transfer case. Many trucks are high enough off of the ground so jacking is not necessary, but make sure that you are able to get under and move to check and refill your transfer case oil.

Find the fill plug that is usually found at the rear of the transfer case underneath the drive shaft. You will need a hex wrench or hex socket wrench to remove the plug. You can check the level of the fluid by sticking your finger in the fill hole. If the fluid is lower than the fill hole, you will have to add transfer case oil to your vehicle.

For the transfer case oil change, you should find the drain plug and place a pan underneath. Make sure that the pan or catch is in place before you remove the plug or you will spill oil when the plug is released. Remove the plug and allow the transfer case oil to drain out completely.

When the flow of oil has stopped, you can replace the drain plug and tighten it so that it won't become loose while driving. Fill the transfer case with the correct transfer case oil for your vehicle. In some cases, it will be transmission fluid and in other cases you might want to pick up a special transfer case lubricant. Make sure that you fill the case with the proper amount of transfer case oil so that you are not running low. Use a funnel to make sure that all of the oil makes it into the transfer case and not all over you. The case in considered full when you put the plug back in and there is some spill from the fill hole.

This is not a chore that you will have to perform often, but it is something that you should make sure is included on the routine maintenance of your vehicle. Knowing how to do it on your own can save you a bit of money on garage bills. Take some time to read the user manual for your four wheel drive vehicle to determine the correct lubricant to use on your truck and how often you should check.

Many people have found that performing their own vehicle maintenance is a great way to save money and keep their vehicle in good condition. You will only need a basic set of tools to perform most automotive maintenance and repairs. Any special equipment and tools can be purchased as you need them.

Checking the transfer case oil and replacing it will ensure that the four wheel drive function of your vehicle is running properly at all times. If you plan to tow a lot with your truck, you should check your fluid levels more often to ensure that you are not running low. Check all of the fluids in your vehicle at the same time during your routine maintenance checks. Your engine and vehicle will run much longer.

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