Transmission Lubricant

Transmission lubricant is very important when it comes to maintaining and keeping any engine, big or small, running properly. Driving the car without transmission fluid can damage the vehicle's transmission to the point where the vehicle will no longer move forward or backwards. It's a great idea to check your transmission fluid each and every time you check your oil level. The occurrence of your transmission failing can lead to expensive repairs. In this case it would become necessary to find a reputable mechanic shop to replace or rebuild the transmission.

The Purpose of Transmission Lubricant
The parts that make up the inside of a transmission come in various sizes and shapes. Basically, these parts are a series of gears and sprockets that work in synchronicity with each other so that the engine can be engaged into a certain direction, usually forward or backward in most cases. Transmission lubricant works to oil the small parts inside the transmission so that they can run and work together smoothly and without the risk of friction. If the transmission lubricant becomes low and the motor is engaged, this can cause severe damage within the transmission housing. The life of any transmission depends on how frequently the lubricant is checked and maintained. It is also important to use the correct type of transmission fluid. Using the incorrect type of transmission fluid could lead to severe damage within the transmission. Remember, transmissions are not only in cars; they are in most recreational vehicles and many lawn mowers and farm equipment.

How to Check and Add Transmission Fluid
When it comes to adding, flushing, or changing the transmission lubricant in a particular engine, it is very important to follow manufacturer’s specifications. If you do not have the manual or the information that you need to decide which transmission lubricant is right for a particular engine, the Internet is a fast and simple way to find out the type of lubricant you need for a specific engine. Also located in the owner's manual of the vehicle is information that will help determine where the gauge is for checking the transmission fluid level. Again depending on the vehicle or the engine or the transmission, usually the fluid is added when the engine is completely off. On some models, the transmission lubricant is checked when the engine is hot. Be sure not to be confused when it comes to checking the transmission fluid, hot or cold. As with any liquid, having a funnel will keep any unwanted fluid from getting on other parts under the hood.

Popular Brands
When it comes to transmission lubricants, there are many different types and a variety of brands available. It is very important in ensuring the future of your vehicle’s transmission to make sure that the correct transmission lubricant is added, and up to the right level. There are many popular brands on the market. One of the most popular brands is Pennzoil transmission fluid. Chevron also makes a great brand of transmission fluid that is popular among the trucking industry for its economical value. Companies like Shell also produce a line of transmission lubricants that are popular economically and perform very well. Castrol is also a company that makes popular transmission fluids and oils. Different people and mechanics believe in their own brands. The Internet is full of research and facts, and even reviews as well as user comments on which lubricants work the best. Once again, the type of transmission lubricant depends on the type of transmission.

Transmission lubricant is one of the most important small investments one can make when it comes to owning a vehicle, motorcycle, lawnmower, tractor or any other type of engine that has a transmission. By maintaining and keeping the transmission serviced and up to par, this will keep your cars, trucks etc. operating optimally and that will save you potentially thousands of dollars. If for some reason the transmission needs to be serviced or even needs to be rebuilt or replaced, make sure to choose a reputable transmission service to do the work. The Internet is a great place to find great deals on transmission lubricant and local mechanics in your area.

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