Truck Leveling Kits

Truck leveling kits do just what the name suggests that they do. They level your truck. When you haul cargo in the bed or pull a trailer or other type of equipment behind your truck, it takes its toll on the body and suspension of the vehicle. Truck leveling kits get your truck back in shape by raising the back end up to the same level as the front. You do not hear much about truck leveling kits but they are an essential accessory for your heavy duty truck.

Not only does hauling heavy loads cause sag in the stature of the truck but a lot of times it is caused from customization of your vehicle. Heavy bumpers and added accessories sometimes play a part in uneven stance. This is not only an unsightly problem, it can also affect the performance of your truck over the years, putting more strain on the suspension and causing tires to wear out faster or deflate easier. So by installing a truck leveling kit you are saving all this wear and tear from happening to your truck so early on into driving it.

Truck leveling kits are easy to install and you will be adding extra inches to your truck height. Even though a few inches does not seem like much now, you will be shocked at what those inches can do for your ride. You will definitely notice a difference in hauling heavy cargo or towing equipment. A truck leveling kit is similar to a body lift kit in function but the purpose is slightly different. Where a body lift is meant to make an even lift of a vehicle, the leveling kits will help with additional lift for either the rear or the front end of the truck. This is useful on trucks where the weight distribution causes an uneven stance. Truck leveling kits serve other purposes too like extra clearance for larger tires or better rear wheel performance while hauling and towing. Truck leveling kits are a simple yet effective way to operate your truck more efficiently.

There are different types of truck leveling kits. There are strut extensions which are for vehicles that use a coilover strut for the front suspension. These kits apply a spacer on top of a factory strut and require no modifications of the factory parts and essentially cost less. They can be easily removed as well if the need arises. Torsion Keys are another kind of truck leveling kit and they replace factory parts which allow you to produce lift by manipulating the truck's torsion bar. Purchasing a torsion key adjuster tool with the leveling kit is wise for future modification.

Coil spacers and block kits are two other types of truck leveling kits. Coil spacers are similar to strut extensions except the space is added to the top of factory spring buckets instead allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the truck leveling kits while still maintaining factory stance and optimum ride quality. To compensate for the additional lift that coil spacers give you, installation of shock extensions may be needed and these are usually included with this type kit. Block kits are not like standard truck leveling kits. Block kits are the preferred method of altering the ride height of the rear end of the truck. This is good if you are looking for a high rear stance or you just want extra support for hauling or towing.

Knowing the type of leveling kit that will fit your vehicle is important because truck leveling kits are entirely specific to the type of vehicle you drive. There is no universal kit that will work for every truck so do your research to find the right truck leveling kit to fit your need and style of truck.

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