Truck Shock Absorber

You may have heard of a truck shock absorber and wondered what this is really all about and if you need to have a shock absorber on every vehicle that you own. If you didn't have a truck shock absorber on your truck, mini-van, or SUV you would have a difficult time riding comfortably. When you don't have a shock absorber you would feel every bump in the road and you would be hard pressed to look forward to a road trip or even a jaunt into the next town over.

There are many different truck shock absorbers on the market today but you will find that many of them have a lot in common. The overall technology as well as the functioning of these units is about the same, though you will need to shop around a bit for the truck shock absorber that is right for you.

Most of the truck shock absorbers on the market today have some sort of sensor on them. These sensors usually are able to pick up on different pumps in the road, have innovating valve designs and this provides more control, easier handling, and providing a more comfortable ride in all vehicle types.

Many of the truck shock absorbers will allow you to experience a ride regardless of the weather or the conditions. This is often referred to as "all weather fluid" or "all weather modifiers" and what this does is ensure that there is as little friction as possible, which gives smooth rod reaction for the most comfortable ride in any type of vehicle.

When shopping for a truck shock absorber you should definitely look for an offering that advertises full displaced valving. This is a better valve range on the compression and the extension cycles of the shock. This is something that you want because it will give you an overall smoother ride, and this is what a truck shock absorber is all about. In addition, you may also want to look for a truck shock absorber that features a fluon branded piston as this will allow for the shock absorber to respond to changing conditions as you go down the road, which is important.

Nitrogen gas charged truck shock absorber offerings are also preferred. The reason for this is that they help to maintain the contact between the tire and the road because they are better able to reduce aeration than other shock absorber offerings currently available. With nitrogen gas charged absorbers you will definitely find an improvement in the comfort level of your vehicle as you go down the road.

You may also want to look for a truck shock absorber that offers a special seal on it. You want a self lubricating fluid seal that will help to retain gas without excessive wear or friction. In addition a two inch reserve tube, 1 3/8 inch bore, and a 5/8 inch piston are all great features to look for when shopping for a truck shock absorber.

Now that you know what a truck shock absorber does for your vehicle you may want to go shopping for new absorbers for your vehicle. When shopping make sure that you shop for the absorbers that are meant for your vehicle. Depending on the size and type of vehicle that you drive you will need to shop accordingly, as the size and weight of the vehicle really will dictate which offering is best for your vehicle. For instance, you may need a different offering if you drive a mini van than you would need if you were going to drive a sport utility vehicle. If you are not sure which offering is best for you, be sure to ask an expert so you are sure that you have the safest and most comfortable ride possible.

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