Turbo Flange

If you're not a mechanic, you may have no idea what a turbo flange, or even a normal flange, is. Well, a flange is a small rim that provides extra strength to a beam. It can be either an internal or external rim, and in the case of automobiles, it often serves as a guide for a wheel. One example is the flange of a railway track that keeps the train wheels on the track by guiding them through curves. Today, flanges are found in all parts of the automobile, and they perform a variety of functions. The main use of flanges is to hold pipes and other parts of the vehicle in place and make certain nothing hangs down or gets caught.

A turbo flange is a flange specifically built for a turbo engine and the cars that use them. There are a number of different types of cars that use turbo flanges, and flanges may be used in various parts of the car. Some are used in the turbines, while others are used as part of the oil drainage system. Still other flanges appear in the exhaust pipe. The type of flange used may vary from car to car and even from model to model, making it even more confusing if you need to purchase a flange.

Turbo flanges are made in a variety of designs, so you need to be certain you know what type of turbo flange your car needs before you purchase one. Turbine inlet flanges may be square with a single hole in the middle, or they may be divided. Some, such as those made for Fords and Volvos, may actually be shaped more like a star and require five bolts instead of the four used on the square flanges. These star shaped flanges also usually have a round hole instead of a square-ish one. Then there's the mild outlet flange, which might have two holes instead of one. Another outlet flange, this one for the Mitsubishi, is almost triangular.

With all of these different shapes, sizes, and types, how can you possibly know what type of turbo flange you need for your vehicle? Well, if you're into cars, you probably know your vehicle forwards and backwards, so it should be no problem finding the right flange for you. However, purchasing that turbo flange could be a little difficult. The internet seems to be the best place to find any and all types of flanges, especially those for turbos. Auto parts shops don't always stock every part necessary, and while you can often have them order the parts for you, why spend that extra money? You can often find cheaper shipping and even cheaper parts by searching the internet for yourself. This is certainly often true in the case of turbo flanges.

If you're not certain what type of turbo flange you need, remove the part and take it to a mechanic or auto parts store. They may be able to help you identify the part number or model number. Once you're armed with that, you can search the internet or order the part from the auto parts store. Even if you can't get any number, you can always look at the images provided online and see if you can find one that matches the part you have. Often, websites provide measurements and other information that can help you make an educated guess as to what you need. You may also be able to contact the parts company and ask them for more information about the turbo flanges they have offered on their website. Even if they can't, they can at least tell you if you can return the flange if you purchase the wrong one.

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