Turbo Manifolds

Turbo manifolds take exhaust systems and give them a boost so that your car more efficiently uses fuel and expels clean air. The European automobile technology is making an American invasion as the United States becomes more concerned about fuel economy and clean burning fuels. Turbo manifolds are a mixture of a manifold and turbo housing that grew out of the European market, which demands efficiency. Assembly operation is eliminated and small gas and diesel engines get a boost in one fell swoop. Exhaust manifolds, the component mounted to the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine, collects exhaust and redirects it to a system where the harmful emissions are treated before being released out in the air.

The turbine housing comes in because when the exhaust moves downstream it expands in the turbine and it drives a shaft that is connected to the compressor.This in turn causes cool air to be brought into the compressor and forces a boost. This improves the vehicle performance of small gas and diesel vehicles. Te best part is hat it promotes fuel efficiency and clean emissions. While this technology is huge in Europe, its popularity in North America is only now picking u the pace as the race to become more oil independent is ever looming.

To look for a good turbo kit, find one cast in the best materials and that adheres to policy standards. Also look for durability, especially in the areas of heat and vibeation. Warranties and OEM specifications are other things to look for when you're trying to find the best turbo charger. Spool up performance is another issue to take into consideration.

Here are a few top brands of turbo manifolds:

  • The HKS Turbo Exhaust is cast iron and stainless steel. It is carefully designed to promote the most efficient exhaust flow. These systems are available for certain aspirated vehicles. Mounting hardware is included.
  • The Boost Flow Ramhorn kits offer a lifetime warranty on the welded pieces. There is a lifetime warranty against product defects. They are currently in the process of expanding to Honda models.
  • The Blox Turbo Exhaust Manifold are cast in high silicon iron and is both strong and durable, which means it can withstand vibration and heat. A limited lifetime warranty against cracking is included wit purchase of the device.

Treadstone offers a variety of turbo manifolds.

  • The SRT-4 Cast Turbo Manifold for the Dodge features bore ports that are smooth, flow well and spool. A very strong model, these high quality models are designed to last a lifetime, absent of wear and tear. Includes a lifetime warranty.
  • The Scion Turbo Manifold has runners of equal length and a carefully crafted merge collector.
  • The Eclipse turbo kit, which comes with a warranty, is a popular model and has been credited for putting the vehicle in the 10s.
  • The Nissan Cast Turbo manifold is a top choice for drifters.

Be sure to do your homework before settling on a turbo kit. The cheapest kit isn't the best kit, and durability is of high importance since you'll likely want the manifold for the life of your vehicle. Pay special attention to warranties and save all additional packaging and paperwork. More important, be sure that you are 100 percent the turbo charger is the best model for you, since it is going to be a hefty purchase.

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