Twin Turbo Kits

If you really want to take your car to the next level, improve the power, performance and speed, consider the addition of twin turbo kits to your car’s engine. Twin Turbo kits are designed to increase your engine power by double the amount. These twin turbo kits offer turbo chargers that are compact and can fit in the same space as a regular large single turbo charger. The kits offer two turbochargers in one kit for your engine. The turbo that is not operating will take over when the first turbocharger begins to decrease in its power boost. The kits are offered in 3 common types. They can be bought as a parallel twin turbo charger system, a sequential twin-turbo charger system or a staged turbo charged system. Staged twin-turbo charged systems are used in diesel engine applications.

Twin turbo kits are an aftermarket performance part that is used to boost your car's psi and are essential for anyone who owns a high performance car. Applications are typically for V-type engines. Twin turbo kits are two small turbo chargers that feed a separate set of exhaust streams to your cars engine. They produce all the boost as a large single turbo and then some. The twin turbos will reach their optimum RPM faster and produce the desire boost much quicker than a single turbo charge. You can find twin turbo kits for all kinds of engines.

Parallel twin turbo kits come with two identical turbo chargers. Each one will have a 50% share in turbo charging the air intake to your car’s engine. In most applications, the twin turbos will produce compressed air that can be taken in by the same manifold and then transferred to the various cylinders. The engine in a Toyota Supra is one example of a 6 cylinder engine that a parallel twin turbo application can be used on.

Sequential twin turbo kits use and application that one turbo charger is used for lower engine speeds and the second turbo kicks in for higher engine speeds. The turbo charger technology in this set up will lessen the turbo lag most effectively without lowering the boost to your engine. The sequential turbo kits offer a complex configuration and are extremely expensive. You can usually find these twin turbo kits in cars like the Mazda RX-7 Turbo (FD3S) made in 1992-2002 and the 1986-1988 Porsche 959.

With staged twin turbo kits, the principal of two-staged forced aspiration is being used on modern day diesel passenger cars and trucks. In this application, one small turbo feeds the second turbo. The Opel twin turbo diesel engine was the first to introduce this technology on the market in the early 2000s. Opel was the first to install a two-stage twin turbo on a diesel passenger car. Stage twin turbo kits can boost your car’s performance up to 50% more on a diesel engine and all the while you will still get the same fuel consumption rating. Two staged turbo kits are considered green technology usage. The first stage in a sequential twin tubo kit application can produce up to 1800 rpms and compress the air intake up to 3.2 bar boost pressure. After that, the second turbo kicks in and runs in tandem with the first stage turbo until the engine reaches 3000 rmp and above. At this point, only the second stage turbo continues delivering boost to the cylinders.

Twin turbo kits are available for almost all engine types. You can find the specific kit that is needed for your engine at a number of online websites. There are also websites online that explain how to install twin turbo kits of various engine types. You can also find these kits for sale at your local auto parts store.

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