Universal Splitters

Many vehicle owners today choose to purchase aftermarket body kits in order to enhance the look and performance of their vehicles. Universal splitters are an aspect of body kits that allow you to completely change the look of your car. When driving at faster speeds, underbody lift is typically always an issue. You want to ensure that you do not lose control of your vehicle while driving. Universal splitters allow you to have more control over your vehicle when traveling at higher speeds.

Universal or wind splitters give you the ability of directing some of the wind that comes from driving at higher speeds up and over the top of your vehicle. When you move the air over the top of your car instead of under it you create a force that helps to press your vehicle down toward the road. This offers you much more traction and significantly reduces the risks of losing control of your car. A universal splitter is a flat surface that protrudes from the front of your car and helps to decrease the lift on your front end and pushes down on your vehicle. A splitter will not direct all of the air from underneath your car when driving. It does however, help considerably to smooth out the ride and reduce the turbulence from the driving process. Many car owners choose to have both a front splitter and an adjustable spoiler or wing in the rear of the vehicle. As the air passes from the front of the vehicle over the top it will then come into contact with the spoiler which presses it down and creates more traction in the rear of the vehicle. This gives you more control over the entire vehicle, particularly when driving at excessive speeds.

Bumper or air splitters can be purchased for a variety of vehicles. A universal splitter is designed specifically to work with any and all vehicles. They are designed to fit any car on the road and provide aerodynamic enhancement as well as an overall upgraded look to the vehicle. A wide variety of cars including Ford, Peugeot, Subaru, Mitsubishi and many others can be fitted with a universal splitter to give the car better traction and grip on the road, better control for the driver and an overall better look.

Most universal splitter models will come with all of the necessary tools and directions for instructions. You may have to cut the splitter to match the profile of your vehicle, but instructions for the cutting process are typically included in the purchase price. Some manufacturers provide a sheet of very lightweight and high performance carbon fiber. Splitters are often supported at the front of your vehicle by stainless steel tie bars that are fully adjustable and feature fixings that can be turned in multiple directions to fit them at virtually any angle needed to best suit your specific vehicle.

If you are unsure of how to install a universal spoiler, you can take your vehicle to an automobile body repair shop for help. These universal splitters can be purchased online at a wide variety of manufacturers’ websites and at a number of auto body repair or aftermarket accessory shops. You can check with your local shops to inquire about ordering a universal splitter or simply take some time to look over the various manufacturers that offer their products online. Keep in mind that ordering online will likely carry with it additional shipping and handling costs but may be well worth the additional cost if you are not near a shop that sells the products.

Universal and custom splitters are becoming a very popular way for road enthusiasts to add performance and appearance benefits to cars along with body kits, canards, rear diffusers and adjustable spoilers or wings.

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