Vehicle Battery Booster

Getting a boost from someone on a regular basis may become a hassle. Instead of having to worry about who can provide you with a battery boost, why not just invest in a vehicle battery booster? This also removes the need to carry around large boosting cables in most circumstances. There are many different battery booster products available that make battery boosting a lot more convenient and less time consuming. Take a look below at a few of the more well known products that you should consider.

I-Tec T6030 Battery Booster
This product retails for approximately $40. The most obvious advantages of this device would be that it is lightweight, compact, can supply enough power for small electronics, capable of starting your vehicle, and includes a two year warranty upon purchase. If you are looking for an affordable vehicle battery booster then this would be a great investment.

How It Works
The I-Tec T6030 is an amazing product as it is extremely convenient. You can plug the device into a cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle and give yourself a boost. The device also features a USB port for charging and powering electronics (such as an iPod) and the device also includes a built-in flashlight. If you are looking for a multi-use device that can be brought with you anywhere then this should be your best option.

Black & Decker BBC2CB Vehicle-to-Vehicle Battery Booster
This product retails for approximately $30. This particular product is very interesting. It allows you to provide a battery boost by using a second vehicle. This is done by connecting the cable via a cigarette lighter outlet in each vehicle. This product is very easy to set up and the cord is very long. The negative aspect of this product would be that it takes roughly 20 minutes to provide a good battery boost.

Worth It?
The Black & Decker BBC2CB device offers an intriguing design but it does not quite match up to most people's expectations. There are a few negative reviews on this product stating that it cannot provide a strong enough battery boost. Ultimately, if you are going to boost your battery with the use of a second vehicle then you should just stick to the old fashioned jumper cable.

Jumper Cables
Technology in this world is constantly evolving. Everyone is trying to think of ways to make everything we have more advanced. Many manufacturers are attempting to design a convenient and reliable battery booster but there seems to be no perfect alternative to jumper cables as of yet. While you may want to hear that there are ways around using jumper cables, and there are, this still seems to be the most reliable option. Of course, you will have to use someone else's vehicle to provide the boost but it really does work.

You may want to fool around with the handheld devices or even the Black & Decker vehicle-to-vehicle booster but you should not expect great results. There is no better way of boosting your car battery than using jumper cables and a second vehicle's car battery. As the saying goes, don't try to fix something if it's not broken.

We should be able to conclude that jumper cables are still the way to go. It may be an inconvenience to you but if you need to get a quick boost then this is your best option. If this is a regularly occurring issue then you may want to get it resolved instead of always having to boost your battery. In many cases this may be as simple as replacing the current battery in your vehicle.

Either way, do not buy into these cheap products as most of them do not work. If you are intrigued by the concept of vehicle battery boosters (excluding jumper cables) then read some reviews on specific products before making a purchase so you do not want your money.

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