Vent Visors

How many times has it occurred that after a journey when the driver steps out to inspect their beloved car, they see that the entirety of the front of the car is smothered with colorful blotches which are in fact bug splatters? Such a sight can turn a whole journey sour because any rightful car owner will not leave the mess unattended and immediately get on to clean up the muck. There are many visors and shields to protect from such incidents but they have not had a successful history. However, newer visors are now available which have moved forward with time and technology to provide more satisfactory results.

The vent visors that were available in the past were of very poor quality. Their construction was not thorough enough to provide complete protection from debris and insects always seemed to find a way through them to leave a splatter on the hood. They were also no help to the appearance of the car as they were mostly constructed in one size which was somehow able to attach themselves onto any cars. This meant that they had a very poor fit and were also rather bulky.

With the use of modern technology, vent visors have faced numerous advancements in both functionality as well as appearance. The most noticeable improvement that they have achieved is the ability to be able to mould into any shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit and usable on any car model. They are also much easier on the eyes now that their appearance have had an enhancement.

Vent visors also are now much more effective at their jobs. The main reason they should be installed on a car is to provide protection on the road from oncoming debris and small fragments that may launch off the road surface. Such fragments may include dirt, stones and gravel. For such reasons, visors are constructed from high endurance materials that have been constructed to be able to handle numerous hits before starting to crack and requiring a replacement. Formulated PVC is the usual material used in the manufacturing process. And aside from oncoming debris, vent visors are also useful against insects, protecting the car from those dreadful smears, and giving them the nickname “bug shields”.

Unlike previous vent shields, they are now available with a better appearance than before. Most of them are available on a smoke gray color while some of them are constructed with a special polycarbonate surface which allows the owner to paint which ever color they desire, including the car’s original color to make the visor meld in. Some visors can even be custom made to add to the overall appearance of the car, making it look cooler.

When selecting a vent shield for a car, it is important to note the manufacturer. There are a number of manufacturers producing vent visors that are available in the market and though most of them get the job done, many are not very reliable. Few notable brands are Ventshade and Lund, whose vent visors are of the highest quality. Also, though custom vent shields are available, many body-shops do contain factory visors manufactured for particular car makes or models.

Regardless of the appearance or manufacturer, vent visors are an important accessory to vehicles and should not be omitted on a car. For a few dollars, they will save the labor of cleaning up unsightly bug splatters as well as provide protection from debris on the road. In the long run, they will be a clever investment that will save the customer from many costs from being incurred in the future.

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