Viper Remote Starter

A remote car starter is an electronic device which is controlled by radio signals. As the name suggests, it is installed in an automobile, so that the owner can start the car before actually going inside it. It allows the users to preheat or cool their vehicles to soothing temperature. The working range for most remote starters is usually 450 feet or more, and if not properly installed, a remote starter can nullify the factory warranty of a vehicle. Using a remote starter, one can overcome the problem of initial uncomfortable temperatures of the inside of a car.

Before deciding on what brand of remote starter to select for the car, one should check and compare the user reviews online. In that case, it is essential to find an authentic source of review. It is often that companies which specialize in ignition system of cars get the vote of professional recommendation. No matter who the reviewer is, brand names like Viper, Audiovox and Bulldog are ones to receive the highest user rating based on their quality and user friendliness. When buying a remote starter system, solely going through an online review might not help.

There are a few points one should ponder on or ask the experts before making a decision. The following tips will help. Find a retailer who has all the information about the remote starter and is also an expert in installing car accessories and systems. People often find the installation of car starters to be very difficult. Therefore, it is imperative that expert should be consulted for professional help. Check the working range. Inexpensive car starters may sound like a smart deal, but they have terrible transmission range. The warranty offer should cover one at least one year for the remote starter and a lifetime for the car module. The starter should have an anti-grinding feature. Installation should be done with great care. It is of utmost importance to find a company that offers quality installation. Amateur installers may badly damage the car.

Viper remote starter are one of the leading brands worldwide. They are the most recognized name in the field of car security systems and remote starter system. Viper offers a wide variety of products such as remote starters, car alarms, interface modules and many more. It was awarded Best of Innovations Honors at 2010 Consumer Electronics Show for a product called smartstart, a fast popular remote starter which allows the users to carry out car operations from their iPhones. Viper smartstart is not a simple remote starter only. It allows the user to access options way beyond the capacity of an average remote system. Users can do virtually anything from locking car doors, to arming security systems. A smartstart allows user to control more than one car simultaneously.

Currently Viper has six models of remote starter system in the market, including two smart-starter models. The price range for remote car starter system is $250-$540.

The following are a list of common features of viper remote starter system:

  • A long working range. It starts from 2000 feet to an incredible 1 mile. The longer the range, the better is the use.
  • The best warranty offers available for remote starters.
  • Has an anti-grinding feature.
  • Fail safe starter kill feature. It prevents wire and plugs from overheating.
  • Dome-light Supervision. A safety feature that lights up the vehicle’s dome light for half a minute when the security system is disarmed.

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