Water for Fuel: Is It an Option?

Right now we are in the midst of an energy crisis, with rising fuel costs and a demand that is far greater than the supply. Our energy sources are expensive and are negatively impacting the health of the planet that we live on. As a result, more and more people are looking for alternative fuel sources. Many people have asked the question, "What for fuel?" and it appears that for the first time many people are considering the question and taking it very seriously. It appears as though we could use water to fuel our vehicles, our public transportation, and even to heat and cool our homes. Why not use water, the most common of all of our renewable resources? This would be a cost effective way to fuel the world, and more positive for the earth as well.

How can water be used as fuel? The answer is simple: water is combustible. In fact, water has a combustion rate that ranges from four to 75%! We have always considered gasoline engines to be the mainstay of fueling our vehicles and getting from one place to another, but hydrogen fueled engines actually use a wider range of air and fuel mixtures than gasoline engines, and so they can be run on a leaner regimen without worrying about engine knocking or pre-ignition complications. In fact, according to the Ford Motor Company a hydrogen engine can reach 38% efficiency, which is a remarkable 25% better than a gasoline engine! Water for fuel? You betcha!

The way that the whole water for fuel thing works to fuel is through electrolysis. To make water flammable you simply need to put a direct current through the water with the help of electrodes. When you do this, you are essentially during your water into gas, which can then power your vehicle and could even heat or cool your home. The way that this has been done to power vehicles thus far is with special electronics and a rewired alternator. This set up works to keep the water cool while the gas is produced to help you power your engine and cut back on gasoline consumption. The great thing about this fuel source is that it is made on demand instead of having to fuel up when your gas tank runs low. In addition, there are no additives in the water and there are no harmful byproducts of the process, you are simply using water and electricity.

One man, by the name of Stan Meyer's was able to create a set up that was 300% efficient and did not require any gasoline to power his vehicle. Many people are working diligently to reproduce or even improve upon the work of Meyer so that they can make water for fuel something that we can all do. If we all used water for fuel, or even just replaced some of the gasoline that we use with water, it would be immensely helpful. Not only would it be better for the environment, we would all have more money in our pockets as a result that could go toward bills, food, and even entertainment.

If you are interested in using water for fuel you should definitely look into it. In fact, you can buy conversion kits that will allow you to convert your current gasoline guzzling vehicle into a water guzzling vehicle. In fact, these kits will often run as little as $700, helping you deliver the electrical current that you need to water and a rewired alternator so that you can begin to run your engine on water! It really is an interesting alternative fuel source to consider, especially because it has been done successfully time and time again.

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