Waterless Wash

The newest technology in the car wash industry is the waterless wash. There are countless waterless wash products for sale in the United States today. They all have unique features that have been developed to suit the individual needs of car owners. As a consumer you have the choice of various products now. These products are so popular that they are fast becoming the number one choice for people who wash their own cars and don’t want to use a lot of water.

A waterless wash is a great way to get your car cleaned. There are many benefits that go hand in hand with the new waterless wash products that are on the market. The most obvious benefit is the fact that you can wash your vehicle without using any water at all. If you are concerned about the environment and want to do your part in saving this natural resource then you should give these products a try.

The waterless wash is a unique cleaning system that uses lubricants and wetting agents to clean and wax your car and they give you long lasting protection. These products will give your car a lustrous sheen as well as clean off all the dust, bugs and road grime effortlessly. Keeping your car clean with these innovative products can help maintain your paint as well. The waterless wash products usually come in an aerosol can that you spray on and rub in with a piece of soft cloth. Let it dry a little and then wipe it off. It gives your car a nice clean shine. The whole car wash and wax process takes less than 20 minutes to apply and buff off when it is dry.

Some of the popular brands for the waterless wash products are:
No Wet Waterless Car Wash. This brand enables the car to be protected from scratches, tar and road grime when you use it. Your car will also be protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays. There is also a rust inhibitor that will protect your car from developing rust. A quick spray on of the product can enable you to quickly wipe off the dust and slime on the surface of your vehicle.

Exela Wash is also a waterless wash that you can use on your vehicle that is very popular today. This product contains a combination of polymers and chemicals that will clean and protect your car’s surface. With this product you will also get a manual giving your detailed instructions on how to use it.

Another good waterless wash to use is the Top Secret Waterless car wash and wax. This product cleans the paint, chrome, glass and plastic on your car. It is great to use for rims and it will easily remove tar, tree sap, grease, grime, bugs and tar. It will not leave scratches or swirl marks on the surface.
The Dri Wash n’ Guard is another popular choice. This product only needs 3 ounces of it to wash the car. It is also popular as a wax as well and will clean and polish your car to perfection.

Washing your car at home, rather than taking it to an expensive car wash can save you all kinds of money. In fact, you can save about $300 a year per car. If you use a waterless wash you will get the job done quickly and easily. If you live in an area with water meters you will not have to worry about running up a hefty water bill just to wash your car. There are no hoses to untangle either. These products are the perfect solution for keeping your car clean and shiny.

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