Wheel Speed Sensor

Most of us never think about it, but how does your vehicle know how fast you are going? Most vehicles use a wheel speed sensor. A wheel speed sensor is a device that is used to determine how fast the wheel's on the vehicle are rotating as it goes down the road. A wheel speed sensor usually is made up of a tooth ring and pickup, though this is not always the case.

A wheel speed sensor is usually made up of connecting gears that are able to work together to report the speed of the rotating wheels at any given time. Each of the wheels on the vehicle will have its own sensor, which will then send a signal to the control module. If you have anti-lock brakes the wheel speed sensor is very important, as the whole ABS system relies on the most accurate speed signals. Because each wheel has its own sensor it is important that all of the wheels and the tires are the same size and inflated to the same weight so that the wheel speed sensor readings are accurate each and every time.

If you attempt to install your own wheel speed sensor you need to be sure that they are accurately installed. The reason for this is that when they are not installed correctly it may cause your vehicle to become unsafe. On the wheel speed sensor system you have to ensure that all of the cables are run and clipped exactly right as moving parts can come in contact with the cables and cause problems either with the moving parts or the wheel speed sensor system. When you have anti-lock brakes if you have an improper install with a wheel speed sensor system it can cause the components of the brake system to fail and even leave an open circuit. To do away with some of the problem with the cables more and more manufacturers are offering a magnetic sensor that is able to defect the wheel speed rotation. These options actually are made up of a coil and a magnet that has a tone ring attached to the rotating parts. When the wheel begins to rotate the system will then generate the voltage necessary and this is sent to the ABS control box.

Installing a wheel speed sensor can be done by someone who is familiar with the anatomy of their vehicle and the desire to install such a system. When you are installing the wheel speed sensor you need to make sure that you use the proper sleeve so that you can drive the sensor rotor into the brake rotor as evenly as possible. When installing the sensor, consider using a graphite lubricant on the sensor sides, and then tighten the bolt to 7 feet per pound. Next, you'll need to install the cover ring. When you do this you need to be sure that you have a distance from the splash shield to the cover ring of .375 inches.

If you need to remove or replace your wheel speed sensor you will need to start by elevating the wheel on a lift of some sort. Next, remove the wheel and unbolt the sensor from the axle. The wheel speed sensor is usually connected to the inside of the wheel hub. You'll need to remove the rotor y pressing it out of the wheel bearing. On the rear wheels the wheel speed sensor is usually located in the brake rotor and it can be removed by pulling the wheel bearing and the brake rotor. Now, place a drift pin through the bolt holes and tap the speed sensor out at each hole. You're done!

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