Wide Angle Mirrors

We’re all used to using regular mirrors and having to look over our shoulder to see through blind spots, but sometimes that doesn’t cover it all. Usually, this happens in big vehicles, where either the blind spot is too big, or there is something blocking your view. In this case, wide angle mirrors are great for limiting or even eliminating your blind spots, and making your drive a smoother and less risky adventure overall. Wide angle mirrors aren’t for every drive or every vehicle, but there are some cases where they really do help, and where they can really make all of the difference in the world.

Sedans don’t really have any real great need for wide angle mirrors, but more importantly, they rarely have any place to put a bigger one. Most sedans carry vary small side mirrors, and because of this, you’ll never be able to eliminate all of their blind spots effectively.

However, there are wide angle mirrors available for sedans, even if they are very small. Usually, they’re circular (though not always), and no more than two inches in diameter. Their lack of size usually means that they either can’t completely eliminate your blind spot, or if they do, they can be slightly hard to see and judge distance with.

That’s not to say that wide angle mirrors on cars are a waste of money. Some sedans have very wide blind spots, especially on the left side, and even limiting those can be of a huge help to a driver. They certainly aren’t expensive, so if buying a set of wide angle mirrors ends up saving you an accident, they’ll be well worth it. Typically, wide angle mirrors in cars don’t cost more than $20 or so, and you can usually get them for less than $10.

But wide angle mirrors are usually put to the most (and best) use in larger vehicles, such as SUV’s and trucks (bigger commercial trucks are required to have them). The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot, and wide angle mirrors can help dramatically to reduce your turning time, and by extension, improve your driving ability.

Also a factor is that bigger vehicles typically come with bigger mirrors, meaning you can fit a bigger wide angle mirror into it without impairing your regular mirror. Because of this, and the general shape of bigger vehicles, you can actually remove you blind spot almost completely with these. This can prevent you from ever having to turn around while making a turn while driving.

Another reason why these are so convenient is for towing. Towing a trailer always increases your blind spot and the area you need to see. It can also block your rearview mirror (which is actually a wide mirror angle itself). In this case, wide angle mirrors are actually essential, as it’s nearly impossible to switch lanes or even park accurately without a good set of wide angle mirrors on both sides. Trying to drive without wide angle mirrors while towing is extremely dangerous for both you and everybody around you, and in some states is actually illegal.

In the end, there’s really no reason not to buy a set of wide angle mirrors, no matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving. They’re always helpful, even if they don’t completely eliminate your blind spots. They always decrease your car’s blind spots, and they always make you a safer driver – as long as you don’t become completely reliant on them. Even the bigger wide angle mirrors rarely cost more than $20, and considering that they could save your car, or even your life, they’re well worth that small expense.

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