Window Lift Motor

Power windows are operated by a motor which can automatically lift the window up. The window lift motor is the main component which is responsible for managing a power window system. Cars are usually designed with a window lift motor linked in the car door that can auto lift the glass without tilting to a side. The window lift motor consists of a small electric motor that is connected to various gears within the car door that combine to provide enough rotation to lift the window.

Parts of the Window Lifting System
Besides the motor itself, there are many parts that make up for the window lifting system. The main components associated with the window lift motor would be the worm and spur gears. The worm gears are used to prevent the window from being forced open. The gears work to either cause sufficient torque to lift the power window, or prevent it from being opened even if attempted forcefully.

How the System is configured
There’s a lengthy arm that is connected to a bar within the door that keeps the window level. The bar is used to hold the bottom of the glass window in place, and keep it level as the window gets lifted. This is possible as the arm is capable of sliding through a groove in the bar while the window continues to lift up.

Usually if a car doesn’t have power windows the design will still be similar for the linkage configuration. The only real difference with manual windows is that there’s no window lift motor but rather the gears are controlled by a crank handle that is manually turned.

Problems with Power Windows
It’s not uncommon for a power window to stop working. If your window no longer goes up or down automatically, it’s likely that you need to replace your window lift motor. This may seem like a stressful task but it’s one that can be done by anyone, even if you have relatively no mechanical skills. Besides the need to fix your power windows when they no longer work, there are other problems you could have as well that warrant replacing your motor.

If your window is going up/down slower than usual, it jumps off track, or is moving uneven, you will need to get it fixed. While not all these problems may to be blamed on the window lift motor, your issue lies within the window lifting system, and must be repaired.

Replacing a Window Lift Motor
The cost for this part shouldn’t set you back any more than $50-70 but installing it could cost a bit if you don’t do it yourself. It’s highly suggested you take the time to read through a guide that can instruct you on how to properly replace your window motor. Certain makes and models of cars will need to be handled in a different manner so there’s no global guide for replacing your window lift motor. You should still be able to find information about replacing your window lift motor for your specific car online as there are loads of resources.

Whatever your problem is with your power windows, it will need to be inspected quickly. While this isn’t a problem that could cause any serious issues, it’s definitely hectic if you can’t put down or put up your window, especially if it’s the driver’s side window. Just take a look online at various websites with content which specializes on dealing with power windows and you’ll find all your answers. There’s an abundance of information available for do it yourselfers, and it’s not hard to find.

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