Windshield Sunshade

During the summer time, a parked car, truck or SUV sitting in the sun without a windshield sunshade can easily heat up to extremely high temperatures inside. Both the exterior and the interior of your car can heat up dramatically. The excessive heat can cause permanent damage to the interior. Direct sunlight can damage the dash, seats and steering wheel. You can’t just rely on the over head visor to block out all the sunlight during summer time or even in the winter. The windshield sunshade is the best solution to help prevent the damaging rays from the sun from ruining your car’s interior. To block those harmful UV rays, custom made windshield shades are placed in the windshield by car owners who want to protect their car or truck. They are usually held up by folding the sun visors down in a way to keep the windshield sunshade in place. Windshield sunshades are also known as heat shields. They are specifically made for every make and model of vehicle. You can buy the exact windshield sunshade to fit perfectly, covering all corners and edges and effectively blocking out the damaging UV rays and heat.

There are many types of windshield sunshades made out of a variety of material. One of the most effective materials used to block out the sun are the triple laminated windshield sunshades that come with a reflective silver surface. You should avoid using a black windshield sunshade as it will do nothing to help keep the interior of your vehicle cooler in the summer. The color black soaks up the sun rays and heat and does not reflect sunlight. Most windshield sunshades are filled with a foam core that acts as a heat insulator. Custom designs are available to make sure all corners and edges of your windshield are covered up. Windshield sunshades are light weight as well as flexible and easy to use.

There are two popular types of windshield sunshades. One type is the folded windshield sunshade. Custom cut for a perfect fit, it is laminated and insulated. It is easily folded up to be put out of the way when not in use. Another type is the roll type. However, the roll type usually only reflects up to 97 percent of UV rays because of its tendency to sag in the middle of windshield. Folded types have extra durability in the middle along the fold lines so they do not sag. Both work extremely well at blocking out the sun and keeping the interior of your car, truck or SUV a lot cooler.

Before windshield sunshades came on the scene, people with leather interiors and leather dashes continually had to use armor all, seat covers, and dash covers to protect from cracking. Cracking is the result of damage done by the direct UV rays from the sun. This is why a lot of older cars have huge cracks in the dash and cracked seats. With windshield sunshades leather dashes, steering wheels and leather seats last a lot longer with no cracks or discoloration. When you open the door of your car, truck or SUV after it has been sitting in the sun for awhile, you shouldn’t have to feel all that heat pouring out as if it where an oven. Many other components inside the vehicle such as knobs, and stereos can be affected by the massive heat and direct sunlight. Sometimes they can get to hot to even touch. Almost all mechanic shop or automotive supply store will have windshield sunshades at a fairly low price. Windshield sunshades can also be found online if you cannot find your make or model of windshield sunshade to fit your vehicle perfectly. The windshield sunshade can most certainly keep your interior looking new a lot longer.

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