Windshield Washer Nozzles

Every car owner, at some time or other, has to clean his or her car’s windshield. This helps them have a clear view while driving, and also adds helps to beautify the interior and exterior of the car. The windshield washer nozzle is an accessory which makes it easier to clean the glass quickly and efficiently. Once they are activated, the wiper does the real cleaning while the nozzle sprays water on the windshield. The nozzle usually has two holes for spraying the water, while certain models only have one.

Some cars have the nozzle of the washer attached to the wipers. These types of nozzles are hard to fix, and they often have to be replaced. Regardless of what type of nozzle it is, the main purpose of them is to clean the windshield by spraying water.

The built-in windshield nozzle cannot always clean the windshield properly. The nozzle can undergo quite a bit of wear and tear over time, which makes it incapable of working properly anymore. In such cases, the nozzle does not spray any water, and one has to do it manually. The best option is to replace the malfunctioning windshield nozzle.

Before replacing the nozzle, it is better to take a look at the washer to check that the problem is because of the nozzle and not because of the washer. There may be other reasons as well for the nozzle to stop functioning. In case of a broken nozzle, replacements can be purchased separately. There are a lot of nozzles of varying prices available on the market.

Once one is sure that the problem lies in the nozzle and not in the washer, he can buy a new one or repair the existing one. Repairing can be done by inserting a long and thin object like a needle down the holes of the nozzle to clear them up. Dirt or tiny solid particles might be blocking the holes of the nozzle, creating an obstruction in the way of the water. Cleaning it will enable it to function fully again.

If no dust particles are seen to be blocking the holes, some kind of pollution may be responsible for obstructing portions of the nozzle. To remove the contaminations, the nozzle needs to be pulled gently from its hood, and washed well with water and soap. Sometimes if the buildup of dust particles is not particularly compact, simply dusting the nozzle may fix the problem.

Considerations to be Made When Buying a Windshield Washer Nozzle
It is very important to check the manufacturer and the model of the car before buying a new windshield washer nozzle for it. Different types of washers are installed in different types of cars. Nozzles designed for a Volkswagen Beetle are definitely not suitable for use in a Chevy truck. Apart from that, the year of manufacture of the car also matters, as the latest version of nozzle might not be compatible with older ones. If one cannot find the right type of nozzle for his car, he can always look for a suitable one on the internet. With the diverse range of products available online, it can be easily said that there will always be a model suitable for any car. However, older models of nozzles are more expensive than newer ones. Let us review some of the nozzles currently available on the market.

VIP Chrome Windshield Washer Nozzle GS300 RX330 RX300

This windshield nozzle is chrome-plated, and is a universal fit for all types of cars. It can make any car look special and important, with its glossy metallic appearance. It has three holes for spraying water, which means the flow of water is distributed over a wider range, making it easier to clean the windshield.

94-97 98-04 Ford Mustang Windshield Washer LED Nozzle
This stainless steel windshield nozzle comes in pairs and is very easy to install. It fits universally in all cars, has a price of only US$ 6.99.

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