Xenon HID Kits

An Xenon HID Kit allows you to upgrade your lighting system on your vehicle so that it is much safer to drive at night. In fact the light output is much closer to that of natural daylight. Upgrading your lighting system with an Xenon HID kit utilizes a revolutionary new concept in automotive lighting. If you upgrade your car lighting system with one of these lighting kits you can get up to three times more light than the traditional halogen headlight provides.

Xenon HID lighting kits are gaining in popularity in the automotive industry. Almost any luxury car owner that you talk to has already upgraded their lighting system or will say that they want to upgrade theirs by purchasing a Xenon HID kit as soon as they can. That is if their car did not already come from the factory with such a lighting upgrade. Actually most luxury cars can be bought with HID lamps already installed.

HID lamps work without the use of a filament. The light is created by an electrical discharge between two electrodes. There is a tube of xenon gas that is placed between these two high-voltage electrodes in your headlight. When the electrodes are activated by the xenon gas that is between them, they will emit a bright blue/white light. This blue/white light has a color temperature of about 6000k. A halogen lamp has a color temperature and is only about 3200K. The light output from an HID lamp is much stronger than a halogen lamp. You may have already noticed vehicles on the road that have a bright blue/white light headlight beam. These cars are using lighting systems that are HID lamps. Xenon HID kits use Omega German technology which allows the bulbs last up to eight times longer than a halogen bulb will last.

If you're interested in upgrading your lights ask for more information on the Xenon HID Kit. Since this technology has only recently been introduced on the assembly lines of car factories, the kits have been out longer on the market for people to buy when they want to upgrade their lighting systems themselves.

If you have an Audi you can easily find one of these kits that will allow an upgrade to your lighting system. If you are in the market for a new BMW you will find that you can ask for an upgrade to your lighting system via an xenon HID Kit. However the Xenon HID Kit is not offered by the manufacturer for older BMWs. Instead there are aftermarket plug and play HID kits available for the owners to install themselves. Cadillac owners can also find aftermarket HID kits that use the plug-and-play system. Several Chevy models have these HID kits. For instance Chevy Tahoes, Malibu's, suburban Silverado’s and several pickups have xenon HID Kit installed in them at the factory. If you have a Jaguar, you can find aftermarket HID kits also. Mercedes Benz has also introduced these HID like kits in some of their models too.

When you upgrade your lighting system it means that you have added a safety feature to your car, which makes driving at night much safer. After you have installed your Xenon HID kit you will only be using 35W of electricity when your lights are on which will make your lighting system 3 times more efficient than before. The HID Kit can last over 4000 hours and usually will come with a two-year warranty. The light that is produced from an Xenon HID Kit is close to that of the natural light emitted by the sun. The most popular HID Kit emits a white/bluish light. However you can get them in purple/white lights or white/yellow or a pure blue light.

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