12 Volt Car Batteries

A 12 volt car battery is an electrical storage device. It does not make electricity; it stores it for future use. Certain chemicals in the battery change the electrical energy so that it is released to power up your lights, radio, windshield wipers, etc. A12 V car battery is also necessary for your car's ignition so that it will start the car’s engine. Any 12 V car battery can go dead if you leave your lights on, because it will drain all the power of the stored electrical power out of the battery.

You can recharge a 12V car battery many times. Most 12 volt car batteries or lead acid type batteries. A 12V car battery is a deep cycle battery. There are three major types of 12V car batteries. These are the flooded or wet type cart battert, the gelled batter and the AGM or absorbed glass mat battery. The AGM is a12V car battery that is sometimes also referred to as a “starved electrolyte” batter. The reason it is called this is because the fiberglass mat is only 90% saturated with sulfuric acid. The standard flooded type 12V car battery that is used on most vehicles. A maintenance free 12V car battery does not have removable caps. This is considered the best type of battery by many people because you do not have to keep putting water in the battery cells. Gelled batteries are entirely different. They are sealed and are “valve regulated.” This means that there is a slight positive pressure kept in each cell by a valve. The AGM and gelled battery are more expensive than the standard type of 12V car battery. You can also get a little more battery life out of the standard flooded battery than you can out of the other two battery types.

Most people prefer the standard 12V car battery over the other two because it offers better all around performance for the price. Even though you may need to add water once in a while to the battery cells, many people tend to think they are more efficient and worth the little effort it takes to check the water level in their battery from time to time.

12V car batteries are normally needed to start the car's engine. When you start the engine of your ca,r it needs an initial large starting current. 12V car battery engine starters typically have a number of lead plates in them for the maximum surface area to provide the large starting current. Not all plates that are in batteries are made out of a lead type material. This lead cell type of battery cannot be deep cycled very often.

A deep cycle 12V car battery can be allowed to discharge as much as 80% and then deep cycled and charged back up repeatedly. There is one major difference between an engine starter battery and one that is a true deep cycle battery that can be used for other things. That difference is the plates. A standard battery that is used, just to start the engine, typically will have lead plates while deep cycle batteries have a sponge type material in them. If you're shopping for a 12V car battery, many of those found at discount stores may be difficult to really tell what kind of battery you are actually buying. Make sure you speak to a knowledgeable salesman about their batteries so that you purchase the correct one for your needs.

Battery storage capacity is rated several different ways. Starting batteries are usually rated in cold cranking amps or CCAs. Deep cycle batteries are rated in amp/hours. Before you buy a replacement 12V car battery make sure you know which type will be the best for your needs.

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