12V Battery Charger

A modern day 12V battery charger will keep your battery charged up in your vehicle when you're not using it is often as you normally would. You can also use a 12 will battery charger to keep battery in your boat or motorcycle batteries charged as well. Cutting edge technology has greatly improved the efficiency of the modern day 12 V battery charger. A high-quality 12V battery charger is particularly needed for high-efficiency lead acid type batteries that are on the market today.

A high quality 12V battery charger is a very important factor when it comes to saving the life of your battery. Whenever you use a battery charger it is crucial to use the proper one for your battery. Some battery manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their batteries if they are not kept charged properly using the proper battery charger. This particularly applies to gel cell, solar and AGM batteries. For a 12V gel cell battery you need to use a 12 V gel cell charger to maintain the warranty on a battery.

Battery charger technology has advanced to the degree that they now use computer chips in the high-quality battery chargers. A microprocessor in the battery charger allows you to know that what percentage rate the battery has been charged to. This ensures that your battery will never be overcharged. This type of high-quality 12 V battery charger is also known as a trickle battery charger. Most other types of 12 volt battery chargers will have a switch that allows them to be either on or off all the time. This type of 12 V battery charger can be dangerous to your battery because there is a possibility that they can be overcharged and destroyed.

When using any high-quality 12V battery charger overcharging is not a problem because the battery is voltage is being regulated during the charging process. When it is detected that the battery charge is complete a computer chip will deactivate the charging circuit. When connecting and using a high quality 12V battery charger you should take care to use the correct cables. Use cables that have the ability to prevent voltage drop and heat buildup when charging a 12 V battery.

We even have smart 12V battery chargers these days. The Battery Tender Plus is a 12V 1.25 amp Stage Smart Charger is a very popular charger that is designed to fully charge and maintain a proper voltage in the battery. It has a harness with clips that allows you to easily connect the charger wiring to the battery, even when the car is running. You can leave this battery charger connected to your battery and not worry about overcharging it when you leave it connected for a long time. The battery tender plus has a 10 year limited warranty.

An automatic 12V lead acid battery charger will easily charge any lead acid battery as well as gel cell and AGM batteries. Once the battery voltage reaches a certain point, this type of 12V battery charger will lower the charge. It will keep lowering the charge until the batteries completely charged up and eventually it will switch off to protect the battery. If the battery begins to lose a charged, it will automatically begin to charge again. There is an LED light that will indicate when the battery is fully charged. There are various smart 12V battery chargers that are on the market today. You can purchase them online or find them at your local auto parts store. Most are very reasonably priced.

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