17 inch Rims

For those who want the right look for their automobile, it's all about the rims, and the 17 inch rims are emerging in popularity. Although not yet on the mainstream, many dealers out there deal in 17 inch rims. An important thing to consider it the outset, and making sure the tire fits properly over the wheel. You'll also want to think about what type of metal you want, and whether you want designs such as flashing lights, paints, etc. For many, just having the metal cut in various designs is decoration enough.

Since rims are a hefty purchase, you will really want to do your homework and make sure you know all about your vehicle and your vehicle's needs before hitting the market. You'll also want to make sure you're buying from a reputable dealer that knows his stuff and who keeps only the best in stock; this isn't the time to cut corners and go too cheap.

While buying a new pair of 17-inch rims will add some style and flair to your vehicle, it's also important to consider performance when picking them out.

For serious flash, check out custom rim shops over traditional stores. Bolt pattern, offset and hub size are the main considerations, and not all aftermarket rims fit the hubs. Offset is an important factor when purchasing rims, and having the tire project too far from the fender can be illegal. Alloy wheels are a good choice for mountainous areas or for lots of stop and go traffic. Aluminum can be a good alloy for their price, weight and reaction to gravity. The most expensive, forged magnesium is the lightest and strongest.

For sportier types who want to improve performance, increase the size of your rims to 17-inch rims. You will need new tires when you change your rim size so that the inner diameter matches and the rims fit correctly. Make sure the rims aren't too heavy for your car, which can adversely affect handling. Also make sure the maximum load amount matches what you need for your vehicle. You shouldn't up-size more than two inches, and always shoot for taller rather than wider.

PimpStar technology offers an interesting service for the man or woman looking for status and style. They give rims full-color, built in light emitting diodes (LED), wireless modem and microprocessor so that any image, graphic, logo or text can be displayed on the rim. You can even use software to create your own graphics and load them to your wheels with the click of a mouse. Since the rims are sealed, you don't have to worry about the elements damaging this technology. Since the rims are powered by the vehicle's electrical system, separate batteries are unnecessary.

When finding a 17 inch rims dealer, find one that offers the freshest styles out there with a wide assortment of sizes at affordable prices. Seek out shops with sales people who are knowledgeable on what they are selling. You want to find a large distributor, one that is fully stocked in 17-inch rims, as these may be uncommon at some dealerships. Don't purchase a set of rums without the manufacturer's warranty. Most dealerships can mount and balance these wheels with your tire so that all you have to do is install them on your car when they arrive to your door. Find a dealer that tests their wheels for quality and durability; you don't want a dealer who would even carry bad tires. Make sure you have lugs and locking lugs before getting started.

You will need to determine if your car is front wheel drive (FWD) offset or rear wheel drive (RWD) offset before choosing a set of 17 inch rims. The common misconception is that this is determined by which actually powers you car. In fact, one could have FWD offset, but RWD power when it comes to the tires. RWD offset are the lower ones, negative numbers to 20. FWD offsets are from 20 to 45. However, a good dealer which determine your filament, so you may not have to worry about it.

Some of the best brands for 17 inch rims include: Asanti, Dub, Chrome, Hipnotic, Diablo, Giovanna, Ultra, Lexani, Platinum, and Forte.

Other brands that carry 17 inch rims include: American Racing, B2Boyz, Cabo, Dakar, Echelon, Falken, Gazario, Hero, Ice Metal, Jaagruti, Kaotik, Legacy Maas, Neeper, Omega, Pacer, Quantum Tek, R-1, Symbolic, Tenzo, VentiPlus, Xoni, Zenetti.

Dealers of 17 inch rims include: The Wheel Connection, Discounted Wheel Warehouse, Wheel Studio, Wheel Warehouse, Wheels Next, and Big Brand Wheels.

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