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Battery Tender

Have you recently heard of a battery tender and you would like to buy one? A battery tender is actually a nifty device to have on hand. A battery tender is a unit that can plug into an AC outlet and will transfer amps of power to your 12 volt battery. People use battery tenders […]

Brake Vacuum Pump

When you have a vehicle that has been upgraded in the way of disc brakes and a high performance engine you will also need to consider installing a brake vacuum pump. A brake vacuum pump is a necessity not only for the performance of your vehicle but also for safety's sake. If you have upgraded […]

Oil Pressure Tester

If you are experiencing changes in your oil pressure that you do not understand you may be checking your oil more often or adding oil when you don't need to. If you are experiencing strange things you may need to get an oil pressure tester to get an idea of what is going on inside […]

Electric Cars and How They Work

Electric cars have a lot of potential for reducing pollution and cutting costs for automobile owners, but you may be wondering about electric cars and how they work just as well as gasoline-powered cars. To understand all about electric cars and how they work you need to know the differences between an electric and gasoline-powered […]