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Engine Crankshaft

The engine crankshaft, or crank as it is often referred to is an important part of the engine. If the engine crankshaft does not work properly than the entire engine will not work, so if you have been told that your engine crankshaft needs to be repaired or replaced this is something that you need […]

Car Headliner

When it comes to the dangers of driving a vehicle, most people consider the biggest dangers to be on the road. Other drivers, stray animals, and road obstacles can all contribute to accidents and injuries. However, faulty vehicle components are more of a danger than many people realize. If your car or truck is not […]

Safety Seat Belt

When it comes to basic safety equipment in a car, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety seatbelt. Your safety belt can restrain you during crashes to keep you from being ejected from your vehicle or from moving forward at a high velocity and injuring yourself. Many states have passed safety belt […]

How to Change Car Brake Pads

One of the most important parts of a car is its set of front brakes. Your brakes allow you to stop gradually when approaching traffic or a stop light, and they also allow you to stop quickly in the event that something is in the road that could cause an accident. Brake pads are a […]

Parking Sensor

The parking sensor is one of the many great ways you can avoid accidents when driving your car, specifically when parallel parking or parking in tight spaces. The parking sensor is often a component of a reverse backing system, which aids drivers when the car is in reverse and the vehicle is being backed up. […]

Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

When most people think of car safety equipment, they think of seatbelts, airbags, and similar devices. The headlight bulb is actually an important car part when it comes to keeping you safe and preventing accidents. Your headlight bulb may need to be replaced from time to time just like any other light bulb. Knowing why […]

Diesel Fuel Storage Tank

Diesel fuel storage tanks are tanks that are designed for the purpose of storing diesel fuel. In vehicles, the diesel fuel storage tanks are usually part of the engine system and allow the fuel to be stored and pumped into the vehicle's engine. Because the storage of fuel is a safety issue as well as […]

Car Anti Theft System

When you spend thousands of dollars on a new or used your, you want to keep it in as good a condition as possible. Purchasing insurance helps you in the event of an accident, washing it regularly keeps it looking clean and new, and getting the proper maintenance will ensure that it will keep performing […]

Types of Alternative Fuels

With the rising cost of fuel many people are starting to question the different types of alternative fuels that are available to the public at large. Many people are surprised when they find out just how many different alternative fuels there are to choose from. You may find that some of the fuels are easier […]

Wideband O2 Sensor

If you want to really monitor the oxygen flow to your engine you should consider buying a wideband 02 sensor. This is a relatively new type of sensor, with the first hitting the market in 1994. These sensors are only installed in a few different types of car from the factory, but just about anyone […]