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Car Door Locks

Car door locks are something that we use on a daily basis without ever pausing to think about how they work or what we will do when they mess up. While a lot of cars still use manual car door locks, there are a great many of us that have begun to rely on automatic […]

Turbo Flange

If you're not a mechanic, you may have no idea what a turbo flange, or even a normal flange, is. Well, a flange is a small rim that provides extra strength to a beam. It can be either an internal or external rim, and in the case of automobiles, it often serves as a guide […]

Ford Auto Parts

If you have ever owned a car for an extended period of time, then you know that eventually you will end up working on the vehicle to keep it in the best shape possible. Many times people will opt to rely on the manufacturer's own parts because they are often better quality than many of […]

Bluetooth Car Kit

If you are someone who needs to be able to talk on your cell phone at all times, including when you are in your vehicle, then you should look into getting a Bluetooth car kit that can allow you to talk on the phone without having to pick it up and put it to your […]

How to Clean a Car Headliner

One of the most overlooked parts of the car during cleaning and detailing is the headliner. The headliner often gets dirty when we put our hands up near the roof of the car, when we take things in and out of the vehicle, and especially if we have little kiddos climbing in and out of […]

Fuel Tank Sealer

Many people who have damaged fuel tanks do not want to spend the cash that is required to buy a new fuel tank so they purchase fuel tank sealer. There are a lot of different fuel tank sealer offerings out there, but all of them are used in pretty much the same manner. If you […]

Moonroof and Sunroof

It's an age old question: what is the real difference between a moonroof and a sunroof. Remember when your friend got that new car and he showed you his "sunroof" and you laughed and told him that was actually a moonroof? He looked at you with a funny look in his eye and neither of […]

Bumper Absorber

Many people are surprised to learn when they get into an accident that there is more to your bumper than meets the eye. If you get in a minor fender bender and there is not any substantial damage to your car, chances are you can thank your bumper absorber. Say what? Yes, your bumper absorber! […]

ABS Speed Sensor

If you have ABS brakes than you probably have what is known as an ABS speed sensor, which is also called a speed sensor or even a wheel sensor, depending on who you are talking to. Many people don't even know that they have an ABS speed sensor until it stops functioning correctly and at […]

Diesel Fuel Injector

If you have always owned and worked on gasoline vehicles and you believe that there may be an issue with your diesel fuel injection you should take note that a diesel fuel injection system is different than a gasoline engine. This is a big difference, in fact many people are surprised by this difference and […]