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Throttle Bushing

If you are like most people who use a vehicle on a regular basis, then your automobile is probably full of parts that you have never heard of before. This, however, does not mean that any one of these parts could end up going bad and causing you a lot of problems. For example, if […]

Automobile Radiator

If you are like most of the car buying public, then you probably do not worry too much about what goes on under the hood of your car until something goes wrong. However, there are a few things that good car owners should know to keep a watchful eye on their automobile radiator to help […]

Oil Pressure Gauge

An oil pressure gauge is an important part of your vehicle, and it works to make sure that the oil is kept at the appropriate temperature and that it is circulating through the engine in the way that it should. If you have a problem with the oil pressure gauge then you will definitely want […]

Spark Plug

Routine maintenance is an important part to the health of any vehicle, and it is important that you remember to check on these small things at least once every year, so that you can be sure to keep your vehicle running in the best possible condition for as long as possible. One of the first […]

Exhaust Muffler

One of the biggest things about owning a car is making sure that you can keep up with the maintenance so that it will run safely and properly at all times. Something that will have to be checked and replaced every once in a while is an exhaust muffler. This piece of equipment works to […]

Oxygen Sensor

Believe it or not the small, relatively unknown oxygen sensor is an important part of your vehicle and when it goes wrong you could find yourself without a means of transportation. This part of the automobile can usually be tested through the computer system and it will alert you when it malfunctions. Thankfully, most auto […]

Rear Bumper

Even though we all try our best to be good drivers, the chances that we will be in an accident are fairly large. This is because as good drivers as we are as an individual, does not stand up to the large amounts of people on the road who are not good drivers. So while […]

Toyota Hybrid Car

A lot of people who are looking to use less gasoline have decided to look at alternatives. Of these, the most popular (and most affordable) is the Toyota hybrid car, the Prius. This car can get almost fifty miles to the gallon whether on city streets or on the highway, so it decreases the amount […]

Steering Gear Box

Everyone who's ever driven a car knows how to operate a steering wheel. In fact, it is one of the first things that you learn when you get into a car. One thing that you may not know is that the steering mechanism of your vehicle is actually a very complicated piece of equipment and […]

Safelite Glass

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a vehicle, short of it breaking down, is to get a crack in your windshield. Even if it doesn't break the glass, the tiny spider web is a visual eyesore, and it does harm the structural integrity of the glass. Over time, the cracks will […]