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Ignition Switch

The typical car ignition switch is a complex rotary device with many brass terminals on the back. There are four main key positions and most switches also have an optional lock position. The majority of cars, trucks, boats, and small aircraft use this type of switch to start their engine and control the power to […]

Alcohol Breathalyzer

There are many people who choose to have their own alcohol breathalyzer to help make the decision whether to drive their car or not. While most people are able to make a good decision to not drive their car when they have had a few drinks, there are some who need a little convincing. If […]

Fuel Pressure Tester

A fuel pressure tester will help diagnose problems with your fuel system and the fuel pump to determine if there are any issues with your vehicle that will affect your drivability. Those who are experiencing problems related to their fuel system should make sure that the fuel pressure is checked when trying to find the […]

Honda ATF Fluid

Maintaining your automatic transmission is as simple as making sure you have enough fluid in your vehicle and that it is regularly changed to avoid fluid breakdown. Your transmission should be a part of your overall vehicle maintenance and will help avoid the costly repairs that come with a transmission failure. Most of the work […]

Michelin Tires

When it is time to replace the tires on your vehicle, there are a number of things that you will have to consider. Deciding what you need in advance will help you in selecting the right tires for your vehicle and will keep you safe, save you money and last for a longer period of […]

Cabin Air Filter

In most vehicles, the air intake for the ventilation system is located in the engine bay. This allows dirt, dust and other material from the road surface to be sucked into the intake. To prevent these contaminants from entering the cabin, most modern vehicles are fitted with a cabin air filter. This is different to […]

Car Safety Belt

The car safety belt is one of the most effective life saving devices ever invented. This simple arrangement of fabric straps and buckles saves thousands of lives every day around the world. It also saves many more people from serious injury by stopping them from hitting part of the car during an accident. The car […]

Leather Seat Covers

Anyone who loves a luxury automobile will also love for it to have leather seat covers. Even if you have a nice classy pickup truck, you will want to have leather seat covers inside. There is just something about leather seat covers that speaks of luxury and wealth far more than vinyl seat covers or […]

Impact Wrench

Working on your car on your own will require you to have some of the same tools that professional mechanics use. An impact wrench is one of those tools that will help you work faster and more efficiently than you could with hand tools. For some of the auto repair tools that you might have […]

Tailgate Window Motor

Having a tailgate window on your vehicle that can be operated from the front is a great convenience for many people. However, when the window starts to give you problems, it might be the right time to change the motor that controls it. There are a couple of approaches that you can take to get […]