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Power Inverter

Every modern car comes with its own DC power source (what most of us call the cigarette lighter). And most of us use it pretty frequently. DC power cables can be sold for all sorts of appliances, from cell phone chargers to GPS systems and mp3 players. It's very convenient to have a power supply […]

Coil Over Shocks

A vehicle needs to have good suspension and working springs in order to keep the vehicle riding smoothly and comfortably down the road. Without good suspension the passengers will be able to feel every bump in the road and this makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Riding in a bouncy car is not only frustrating […]

Car Water Pump

Your car water pump is an important part of your car that works to keep your car from overheating. How? The car water pump, which is powered by a belt, moves water out of the radiator and into your car's engine, which ultimately keeps the temperature lower in your engine. These car water pumps are […]

Brake Caliper Covers

The brake caliper is an important part with a very important function. It allows the wheel to stop when the brake is applied by the driver. It pushes the brake pads against the wheel parts that cause the wheel to stop moving. These often rust and become dirty over time becoming unattractive as well as […]

Intake Manifolds

Any vehicle will rely on a properly functioning intake manifold to help deliver the right amount of fuel and air into the cylinders of the engine. This is crucial to prevent misfiring and several other complications that can cause damages to the vehicle. Maintaining the intake manifold and replacing older, rusted or damaged parts may […]

Equalizer Hitch

For anyone who uses their vehicle for pulling and towing, an equalizer hitch is a very valued part of the process. When you use a basic hitch you may not notice while in the driver's seat but the rear part of your towing vehicle can get pulled down. This can cause many problems with the […]

Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve

Many vehicles have tie rods that are required for proper alignment of a vehicle's wheels. One of the most important components of these tie rods are the adjustment sleeves. These sleeves are made with treads on the inside and will be able to be moved to allow for the proper lengthening of the tie rods […]

Heat Riser Valve

Many people take their vehicle for granted by not knowing the inner workings of their vehicle. Several of the specialized parts that are designed to do a specific job can always malfunction, or simply stick when they are not supposed to due to several different factors. One of the small but important parts that rest […]

Truck Battery

Your truck battery will eventually need to be replaced. Your truck battery won't just stop working without notice though unless there is an electrical shortage for the sensor light. If all the electrical components are working properly then the battery light should be working as well. When your truck battery is about to die you […]

Thermostat Housing

Your thermostat is an important component in your vehicle as it's responsible for regulating the temperature within your car's engine. It's a part of your car's cooling system. The thermostat is capable of managing your engine's temperature as it limits the coolant flow that travels to the radiator from the engine. The thermostat is not […]