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High Capacity AGM Battery

There are several different types of battery available that use different methods of powering a vehicle. One of the most important types of batteries used in electric vehicles are absorbed glass mat batteries. These batteries are specially designed to charge and discharge rapidly so when they are used by electric vehicles, they do not have […]

Brake Pad Wear Sensor

When it comes to maintenance on our vehicles, keeping the brakes in proper working order is a must. Letting the brakes on your car become worn down is very dangerous. Being in a situation where you must hit the brakes suddenly and your petal is to the floor and the car is still not slowing […]

Transmission Rebuild Kits

Every vehicle has a transmission. It may be an automatic transmission or a manual transmission but either way they keep the car driving and are responsible for the changing of gears. The transmission works with the engine to send power to the wheels. The transmission runs on RPM's which means revolutions per minute. When the […]

Auto Computer Mount

Drive with your laptop. If that sounds like an interesting idea for you, then I suggest you look into automotive computer mounts. For those of us who hate being away from the computer, even when we're driving, auto laptop mounts are the perfect fit. They're easy to install, easy to use, and even easier to […]

Gas Shock Absorber

The development of gas shock absorbers has created an upgrade for basic shocks. Gas shocks are a great alternative to traditional shocks and perform much better. The gas shock absorber is a key component in making gas shocks work efficiently. The gas shock absorber works in a unique way. The main issue with non-gas shock […]

Operational Brake Booster Vacuum

The brake booster vacuum is a very important piece of hardware in all modern vehicles. It is a round black canister that is located at the back of the engine that draws vacuum force from the vehicle whenever the brake pedal is depressed in the vehicle. By putting your foot on the brake pedal, you […]

Truck Bed Liner

After you have purchased your new truck you will most likely want to get a new truck bed liner. Truck bed liners are made to protect the paint job on the inside of your truck bed. For anyone who wants to use the bed of their truck for hauling you should definitely get a truck […]

Automotive Relays

There are many components required to run all the various parts our cars need to work properly. Several of the car parts you may or may not be familiar with or have even heard of before. They all serve an important purpose and learning about what they all do can help you understand your car […]

Aluminum Differential Cover

When it comes to our cars we need to protect all the important parts to avoid them from being damaged from everyday road hazards and general wear and tear. By providing the appropriate protection we can rest assure we are doing everything we can to keep our cars in good working order. This applies to […]

Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is one of the most useful features in your vehicle. It's a control panel that's found on the driver's side of your vehicle, just behind the steering wheel. The instrument cluster displays a variety of information about your vehicle's performance. Dashboard Instruments The dashboard instruments will depend on your specific vehicle, for […]