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Gas Tank Sealer

In simple words, a gas tank sealer is a chemical used in fuel tanks that prevents rusting of iron or the corrosion of other metals. Gas tank sealers are widely popular for both professional and nonprofessional purposes. Gas tank sealers are, at times, used in combination with other chemical products which come with the brand […]

Stabilizer Bar Assembly

As you drive down to your destination you barely feel the rough roads, comfortably sitting in your respective car seat minding your own business enjoying the road side views. The comfort does not come from the soft foam seats alone; there are other components in the vehicle that enhances the experience. There are the wheels […]

Sprag Clutch

Before we come to “Sprag Clutch” it is necessary to know about a “clutch”. So what is a Clutch? A clutch is a mechanical device that commands the power transfer amid the components of a machine by causing two rotary shafts to engage and disengage (brings into and out of gear). Clutches are available in […]

Foose Wheels

Foose wheels are designed and produced by legendary automotive designer, Chip Foose. They are a series of exquisitely designed automotive wheel rims, renowned for their stunning outlook, killer finishing touches and as extremely fanioshable hot rod accessories. It all started when Chip Foose started his automotive career at the tender age of 7 – when […]

Gear Shift Knob

A gear shift knob is located at the top of a gear shift lever. In other words, it constitutes the handle of the gear shift lever. Usually, in manual transmissions, the shift knob features a simplified diagram of the shift patterns printed on top of it, through which the gear shift lever's movement can be […]

Viper Remote Starter

A remote car starter is an electronic device which is controlled by radio signals. As the name suggests, it is installed in an automobile, so that the owner can start the car before actually going inside it. It allows the users to preheat or cool their vehicles to soothing temperature. The working range for most […]

Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is a part of your car which is responsible for the regulation of various belts connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle. These belts are connected to various other parts of the car's engine and other related accessories, and the idler pulley helps to regulate their smooth operation, ensuring smooth operation and […]

Honda Bumper

Imagine a scenario, where you are coming home late from work. You are tired and quite drowsy. At one point, without warning, you fall asleep while driving; and unfortunately you veer off the road and hit a lamp post. Yet by some holy miracle from the heavens, you survive. What kept you from possible death? […]

Universal Joint Kits

Before we come about to knowing a universal joint kit it is important to know its key purpose. A universal joint kit is the key component of the universal joint, without it the universal joint would not be a joint let alone serve its purpose. It is also known as a cross piece regarding to […]

Diesel Fuel Saver

The diesel fuel saver is an injection system designed for owners of turbo diesel-powered vehicles who are looking for higher mileage as well as greater horsepower. For many years now, untested and unproven fuel-saving items have come up in the market, but none of them have ever delivered what they promised to deliver. Because of […]