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Belt Tensioner

A belt tensioner is exactly that – a device that maintains the tension in a belt. The belts are attached to pulleys and looped around other devices in order to keep them running. The principle is the same as that of a bicycle chain, which transfers motion from the pedals to the wheels of the […]

Off-road Truck Rims

If you are an off-roader, you probably understand how imperative your wheels are. Choosing a set of wheels based solely on its appearance and glamour may be enticing, but conducting some research as to where (the terrain) you may be off-roading can release that superior performance that your vehicle has been hiding. Off-roading wheels need […]

Car Immobilizer

There is nothing more comforting than knowing you and your property are safe. When it comes to our belongings we want to know that we have done everything we can to prevent someone from breaking in and stealing the things we value. This is important for our home and are cars. Car theft is a […]

Suspension Lifts for Trucks

Having the appropriate suspension on your vehicle is very important. Without it your vehicle can suffer and the ride will not be enjoyable for the passengers inside. Whether you drive a car or a monster truck it does not matter, suspension is the key to having a smooth and comfortable ride in your vehicle. There […]

Car Battery Jumper

There is nothing more frustrating than going out to start your car and realizing your car battery is dead. This can cause you a lot of stress especially if you are in a hurry or need to get somewhere important. Although car batteries are made to last a long time, sometimes our batteries either get […]

Banshee Clutch

The Yamaha Banshee is a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle or ATV for short. It is very popular and not only fast and fun, but is also very cool-looking and reliable. Many avid outdoor recreational fans love ATVs. These fun vehicles also can be classified as Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) or Off Road Vehicles […]

Throttle Body

A throttle body controls the amount of air that flows into fuel injected engines and is part of the air intake system on modern day vehicles. It can be somewhat compared to a carburetor on non fuel injected engines. It is usually attached to the mass airflow sensor often located between the air intake manifold […]

Digital Trunking Scanner

A digital trunking scanner is a piece of electronic equipment that works much like a two-way radio system but allows you to reach a much larger group by using specific frequencies. A digital trunking scanner will search for and use the first frequency that is available and send a code through to identify and use […]

Diesel Turbocharger

Several different applications for the turbocharger have been used since its invention in the early 1900's. The advent of diesel turbochargers in automobiles was not in motion until the late 1930's and then it wasn't until the early 1960's until the late 1970's that turbochargers were really placed into nearly every diesel powered automobile. Ever […]

Aluminum Radiator

Using aluminum radiators in your vehicle can help to distribute heat much better than the molded plastic options. The aluminum radiator options are different for every vehicle and can be used to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. The best thing about the options available through aluminum is the fact that they require extreme heat […]