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Carbon Canister

A carbon canister is designed to decrease the pollution that is typically produced by vehicles. Carbon canisters work to decrease air pollution from cars and trucks while increasing the fuel efficiency of these vehicles. When the engine of a vehicle is turned off, the engine still produces hydrocarbons from the vapors rising in the vehicle’s […]

Car Power Inverter

Car power inverters are car accessories that allow normal electronic applications to run in through a car’s native power source. Most of these run through the car’s normal power adapter (also called the cigarette lighter), but in some cases, they can also be attached directly to the car’s battery for more extreme applications. With a […]

Oil Pressure Switch

A vehicle’s engine requires just the right amount of oil pressure in order to run smoothly. Not properly maintaining the oil in your vehicle can cause damage to the engine and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. An oil pressure switch helps you to properly maintain your vehicle’s oil pressure which in turn helps […]

Trigger Wheel

Installing a trigger wheel can be quite a difficult and complex process. If you don’t have a clue what you are doing then you are setting yourself up for a recipe for disaster if you do not do your research. If you don’t have a clue where to start, then you need to make sure […]

Drive Belts

Many of the accessory systems in a car are driven by nothing more than a pulley and one or more car engine drive belts. Before the introduction of the single serpentine belt by Ford in 1979, multiple belts were commonly used. A serpentine belt has many advantages over multiple belts, including reduced slippage and longer […]

Waterless Wash

The newest technology in the car wash industry is the waterless wash. There are countless waterless wash products for sale in the United States today. They all have unique features that have been developed to suit the individual needs of car owners. As a consumer you have the choice of various products now. These products […]

Automotive Junction Block

An automotive junction block is an invention that is fitted into automobiles to distribute electrical power to various other systems in the vehicle. The junction block essentially provides the main point for all wiring connections from the interior lighting, instrument panel and rear window wiper features. The junction block eliminates having to wire connections between […]

Fiberglass Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is an adjustable cover that fits securely over the bed of a pickup. These covers provide storage in the truck’s bed and allow you to safely carry a variety of goods in the bed without worries of weather damage. They also provide security to ensure safety from stealing. Most models are manufactured […]

Cigarette Lighter Socket

The cigarette lighter socket has been a component that’s incorporated into vehicle’s designs for over eighty years. Over time the design has been modified but its functions have not. The cigarette lighter socket, also referred to as the cigar lighter receptacle, was created as a heat source to light cigars originally. This is the reason […]

Aluminum Truck Wheels

You will probably have noticed that a lot of modern trucks these days come fitted with aluminum truck wheels. A few years back, it was totally different, and the majority of truck wheels were either steel or a different material. If you are considering changing your truck wheels to aluminum, then you will have to […]