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Power Programmer

A power programmer allows you to program the internal computer in your vehicle. It is designed to help give your car or truck more engine efficiency and power. The most commonly purchased brands of power programmers include JET, Banks, Hypertech, Edge and Superchips. The power programmer is not used for a regular tune-up or maintenance […]

Dashboard Covers

A dashboard cover is an accessory you can buy for you car to protect the dashboard from being damaged by UV rays the sun. The sun can damage the dashboard because the rays will cause it to eventually dry out and crack. People also buy dash covers because they like the look of a custom […]

Radiator Thermostat Valves

During the life of most cars, there is no reason to really think about your radiator temperature. We might wait for the thermometer to go up so that we can turn on the heat, but that’s about it. It stays at the same value whenever you’re driving, and problems with radiator temperatures are rare enough […]

Fuel Tank Door

A fuel tank door is a metal flap that is found on the quarter panel of your vehicle on either the driver’s or passenger’s side, depending on your specific car or truck. The door allows you to access the gas cap which runs directly to the fuel tank of your vehicle. When you stop to […]

Overrunning Clutch

The overrunning clutch is also commonly known as the freewheel. It is a component in the transmission of a vehicle which is responsible for deactivating the drive shaft in certain situations. The drive shaft is usually deactivates and stops working with the driven shaft when it reaches a faster rotation speed than the drive shafts' […]

Cigarette Lighter Plugs

There are a variety of uses for a cigarette lighter plug. Various different plugs are available to use with standard 12 volt lighter ports that convert the electrical energy into a useable source for most applications. It is important to get the correct lighter plug to use in conjunction with the device you intend to […]

Steering Racks

Steering racks are an essential part of the rack and pinion types of steering assemblies that are on modern day vehicles. There is a second type known as the re-circulating ball. With rack and pinion steering, any time you apply pressure to the steering wheel as you attempt to steer your vehicle, energy passes onto […]

Truck Rims

Truck rims are responsible for keeping your tires mounted and attached to the axle. When shopping for truck rims it will be important to choose the right size of rims but there are many other characteristics to look at. Many people invest in truck rims for their visual appeal and if you plan on doing […]

Hydraulic Brake Booster

A large majority of vehicles, particularly the older models, use vacuum boosters for the brakes. However, it is fairly common for newer vehicles these days to be fitted with hydraulic brake boosters. The pressure that the hydraulic brake booster uses is generated by the steering pump. For vehicles that are fitted with a vacuum booster, […]

Honda Accord Parts

If you have a Honda Accord, then having an idea of what the different parts are in case you need to replace them at any point is wise. There are so many places that you can buy spare parts, but knowing what they do, or even what they are is important if you don’t want […]