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Bully Tailgate Locks

A Bully tailgate lock is a device by the Bully brand that allows you to securely lock your truck’s tailgate without making modifications to your vehicle. These locks are very easy to install and require no cutting or drilling. Bully tailgate locks provide protection against theft and give you added security for your tools or […]

Car Air Deflectors

Any improvement to a vehicle will almost certainly add to its value, but when that improvement provides for both the comfort of the passengers within the vehicle as well as improved gas mileage, it becomes all the more valuable. Car air deflectors are generally designed to fit on the hood, the windows or on the […]

Wiper Delay Switch

Windshield wipers are primarily designed to keep water, sleet, snow, and even hail from obstructing the view of the driver by clearing the windshield with repetitive wiping actions. Most vehicles have multiple settings that can easily be adjusted to control the speed and functionality of the windshield wipers. During heavy rain or snow, a driver […]

Portable Car Refrigerators

If you are frequently on the road taking long trips, having access to your own food can save you a lot of money. Many people that take road trips spend a fortune stopping at fast food restaurants in each town, spending $5-$20 on a single meal. Portable car refrigerators let you save that money and […]

Chrome Grilles

Chrome and the automobile have a history that stretches back almost to the beginning of the motor cars creation. Perhaps the golden age for chrome grilles was from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and some of the best aesthetic examples came from that time. In 1955 which is a record year for American car production, […]

Cold Start Valve

The cold start valve – it is otherwise known as the fifth injector. It is also known as the heat riser channel. It is essentially a variety of control valve that can be found snuggled in the crook between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe. However this applies to any typically unaltered V8 or […]

Car Paint Sealant

Car paint sealant is applied to vehicles on a regular basis to help extend the life and aesthetic appeal of the car, truck, motorcycle. Aside from making the paint on the vehicle last for many years longer than it would have without the sealant, car paint sealant also makes the vehicle look just as dazzling […]

Holley Carburetors

In 1896, Bradford, Pennsylvania was like any other small town with one major exception - it was home to the Holley brothers, George and Earl. Together they started a business to produce a small single cylinder three-wheeler they named the 'Runabout'. Given that this was the dawn of the motor age, the 'Runabout' was no […]

Rear End Gears

Rear end gears have more to do with the performance, speed, and efficiency of an individual automobile than does most every other piece in a car’s drivetrain. The rear end gear, more specifically the rear end gear ratio, determines how much of the engines torque is delivered to the wheels, and the potential top speed […]

Center Muffler

For those of the caliber of middle age gentry and upwards, living in urban metropolises, it is quite generally known how much the strain is on the nerves when a car zooms by with a deafening roar that crashes through the moment overpowering everything in vicinity. Well, the reason this happens is because some teens […]