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Custom Grilles

If you want to change up and enhance the overall look of your vehicle, it might be necessary to think about getting a custom grille put on. There will be a lot of different choices that you will have, so you will need to think about what some of them are and take the time […]

Spare Tire Locks

It is definitely important to make sure that you take all the necessary precautions with regards to your vehicle so you can be sure that it is safe at all times when parked in front of your home. There are many different anti-theft measures you can take, but a spare tire lock is certainly one […]

Transmission Lubricant

Transmission lubricant is very important when it comes to maintaining and keeping any engine, big or small, running properly. Driving the car without transmission fluid can damage the vehicle's transmission to the point where the vehicle will no longer move forward or backwards. It's a great idea to check your transmission fluid each and every […]

Bosch Spark Plugs

Whether it's your car or your lawnmower, you generally take for granted that when you start something, it's going to run properly. While it may be simple for you to start it, there are actually a lot of parts at work to make that machine start. Spark plugs are one of the parts that play […]

Fuel Pump Assembly

When most people think about fuel pumps, they think of gas stations. That is one kind of fuel pump, but not the one people usually reference when talking about cars. Not many people think about it, but a car’s gas tank is actually at the opposite end of that car from the engine. This is […]

Full Flow Oil Filters

When we drive, we move through the air at a tremendous speed. And even though our hoods are mostly closed, we catch a lot of dirt, dust and grime in the regular driving process. And while the car doesn’t catch much, and most of it dissipates, the engine does need to circulate fuels and lubricants […]

Police Radio Scanner

Do you turn on the TV only to find that everything is blatantly scripted and lacking energy? Well, if you are looking for a whole new source of real entertainment, try a police radio scanner. There are obviously other reasons why you could use a police scanner as well but in general they are sometimes […]

OBD-II Code Reader

OBD-II is the acronym for “OnBoard Diagnostic Systems” that are found on most cars and light trucks that have been sold since the early 1970s. Manufacturers began equipping new vehicles then with an OBD-II to control engine functions and to diagnose engine problems electronically. This OnBoard Diagnostic System was originally developed to combat smog but […]

Aftermarket Radiators

Automobile engines need a variety of components and elements to function properly, the basics of which are air, gasoline, and the ability to cool themselves. An engine's cooling system is perhaps its most important component, as it is mainly responsible for allowing the engine to continue its operations after being used for more than an […]

Header Flanges

A header, also known as an exhaust manifold, serves the purpose of collecting exhaust gases from several cylinders into a single pipe within the engine compartment. An automobile header, or exhaust manifold, usually consists of a material such as stainless steel or simple cast iron. These durable materials are used to create a device that […]