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Distributor Conversion Kit

The distributor is perhaps one of the most important components of a vehicle's ignition system, as it is responsible for routing high-voltage electricity out of the ignition coil and towards the spark plugs. A distributor consists of various individual components that work in synchronicity with each other to facilitate an expeditious and powerful transfer of […]

Chrome Mirror Covers

There are many car and truck accessories on the market that not only enhance the look of the vehicle, but can also provide extra protection. Products that protect the vehicle from possible damages down the road add a significant amount of value to the vehicle. A wide range of materials are used to protect certain […]

Headlight Eyelids

From show cars to daily drivers, customized headlights are becoming a standard feature on many vehicles. Some are installed from the factory, creating an aggressive and sporty look for cars that would otherwise blend in seamlessly. Others are installed as an aftermarket accessory, allowing a vehicle owners to customize and improve their car's appearance to […]

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid is an organic fuel solution that is created by combining 67.5 percent de-ionized or purified water with 32.5 percent automotive-grade urea. Urea is used to carry the ammonia that is needed in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This fluid is used in EPA vehicles from […]

KMC Wheels

Individuals these days are really into having a custom ride. Those who like to make a fashion or performance statement with their vehicle often will purchase custom wheels as one of their first steps to accomplish the goal customizing their vehicle. With just the addition of KMC wheels to your car you can go from […]

Choke Thermostat

With few exceptions all combustion engines have a carburetor or one or more throttle bodies. The older domestic vehicles have carburetors. The newer models have throttle bodies to blend the air and fuel just like the carburetor does on older vehicles. Nowadays, the throttle body eliminates the need for a float bowl, etc. Both the […]

Truck Tonneau Covers

One of the most popular customizations on a pickup truck is a tonneau cover which can be both decorative and functional. Not only can they hide the contents within the truck bed from being seen, especially when those contents are unsightly, a tonneau cover can also protect whatever is in the truck bed from the […]

Electric Car Battery

Over the last decade, electric cars have gone from a minor roadway occurrence into a full-blown automotive revolution. Cars that were once considered impossibilities of science have strutted on the road, showing off their abilities and demonstrating that electric vehicles are a lucrative option for carbon-free driving. From hybrid models to entirely electric cars, gasoline […]

Brake Dust Shields

If you have never heard for brake dust shields, you are missing out o a vitally important aftermarket part that can help protect your investment of adding expensive custom wheels to your vehicle. Some custom wheels can costs thousands of dollars. They look fantastic when you first purchase them but soon they begin to collect […]

High Flow Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter in your vehicle is responsible for cleaning up the nasty pollutants from your beloved engine. It was invented back in the 1950’s thanks to the smog in Los Angeles; they weren’t seriously mass produced until 1973 where they start gaining popularity. They operate in an extremely harsh environment and therefore, don’t last […]