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RV Awnings

If you like camping, seeing new places, and enjoy comfort while doing so, you may already be an RV owner. Recreational vehicles are wonderful pieces of equipment that allow you to drive where you want to go and then, in the same vehicle, enjoy the comforts of a familiar bed, kitchen, your own sanitized bathroom, […]

Diesel Truck Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust stacks are a fairly unique car part because everybody has seen them, but most people don’t recognize the name. When you look at a big truck (like an 18-wheeler), the exhaust stack is the vertical pipe the smoke comes out of. The exhaust stack is a replacement for a regular car’s muffler; it serves […]

Fuel Tank Sensor

One of the common misconceptions that many vehicle owners have is that a fuel tank sensor is the gadget responsible for telling you how much or how little fuel you have in the tank. Unfortunately, that little device is a float that simply indicates the level of fuel relative to the size of the tank. […]

Headlight Relay

In most newer cars and trucks today the headlight switch actually contains three different switches in one. One switch operates the parking lights while a second operates the driving lights. The third switch is for high beams or bright lights. Most vehicles have headlight switches that use electromechanical devices to control the headlight relays. A […]

High Performance Fuel Pumps

In almost every automobile the fuel tank is located on the other side of the vehicle from the engine, so a fuel pump must be used to pump gasoline towards the engine. Modern-day fuel pumps (electric fuel pumps) are used in cars that have electronic fuel injection capabilities, while older fuel pumps (mechanical fuel pumps) […]