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Car Indicator Lights

It seems that with each new car you own, the number of indicator lights present on the dashboard grows exponentially. From the simple “check engine” light to “oil change” lights or “open door” indicators, knowing what each light means will allow you to separate the important from the non-important. Seat Belt/Ajar Door Light or Alarm […]

Thermal Limiter Switch

A thermal limiter is much like a fuse. This device was used on many General Motors cars and trucks during the mid to late 1970s and was designed to help protect the compressor inside the air conditioner. The thermal limiter switch keeps the clutch in the air conditioner from engaging when the air conditioning system […]

Steering Column Parts

In the last twenty years, most cars have shifted from using a standard wheel-controlled steering and handling system to a steering system that's controlled by a wheel, yet carried out by both computers and the driver themselves. It's known as power steering, and it's one of many innovations that have allowed modern cars to become […]

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Whenever you drive a vehicle that is not an automatic it will have a manual shift transmission. In order to shift the gears there must be a hydraulic clutch system installed in the vehicle. The hydraulic clutch system must have a clutch slave cylinder. The clutch slave cylinder operates by a rod that pushes out […]

Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizer is a great way to maintain gas for long periods of time. Stabilizer can preserve gasoline up to an impressive 12 months. Motorcycle owners will use fuel stabilizer in their motorcycles when storing them for the winter. Without stabilizer gasoline would corrode and cause build up of materials that could damage the motor […]

Shifter Boot

A shifter boot is standard equipment on any car truck that has a manual transmission. It is necessary to keep out dust and dirt particles from getting into your gears. The shifter boot also act as a sound barrier and keeps out any wetness or air from rushing into your car or truck as you […]