3M Car Tint

3M car tint is extremely useful in the summer when it become unbearably hot. Adding window tint to your car’s windows is the best way to help keep the interior of your car cooler in the hot summer months and will help cut down on your need for air conditioning. 3M car tint will easily stop the sun light from making its way to your car so it will stay cooler. The best thing about 3M car tint is that fact that it can be mounted on the windows very easily. You can even apply the car window tint yourself. You don’t have to take it in for it to be professionally installed if you don’t want to. However, for a really professional look you should take your car into a 3M car tint dealer and have it done by the professionals.

3M car tint was invented in 1966 in the form of window film. It was developed to protect vehicle interiors and passengers from the harsh rays of the sun. The 3M Company is the only company that makes car window tint with its own adhesives and polyesters. They offer an extensive warranty on all of their window film products. With their financial strength and stability you know that the warranty is going to be honored as well. There are 5 different types of 3M car tint which are the dyed, metalized, hybrid, carbon impregnated with multilayer nano-technology and the newest is the crystalline car tint film. The dyed type of 3M car tint will reduce heat transmission from the sun by absorbing solar energy at the glass. The dyed type is the lowest performing kind of car tint and it can fade over time. However, they are still useful to help protect your car’s interior.

The metalized films are a reflective film that is coated with metals which will reflect the heat back from the glass. These types of 3M car tint films have a shiny, mirror-like finish which gives a good long lasting performance. The drawback with this type of car tint film is that it has the tendency to interfere with radio reception and electronic signals inside the vehicle because of the metals used in it. There is another film that is a hybrid which is a combination of the dyed and metalized film as well. However, these hybrid films can fade with time as well though. Another type of 3M car tint film is the kind that is called carbon impregnated with nano-particles. This technology in manufacturing this type is used with 3M’s proprietary manufacturing techniques. The technique allows the color to be impregnated inside the film rather than coating on the outside.

The newest line of 3M car tint uses a breakthrough heat rejection technology in a clear film which is really nice. It is a non-metalized window tint that provides an SPF factor of over 1000. It is superior to all the others and the technology used has provided an outstanding breakthrough in window tint. These car tint films are made with a technology that allows for a multilayer optical film to be combined with precision coated nano-particles. These films offer high heat rejection without the use of metals and also allow for the highest visible light transmission.

3M car tint is typically sold in pre-cut sizes and are ready to apply. If you are not comfortable with apply the window film yourself you can hire a professional. The crystalline car tint offers the highest heat protection and allows for the original appearance of the car since the film is lightly tinted. It will reject up to 97% of the damaging rays from the sun and 60% of the heat. There are no metals used so it will not interfere with your car’s electronics.

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